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Gaia-and-Tribe Reconnection Colorado: Feb 2010

Before coming to the States I was given several messages, from my guides and others, about an activation of the land that was needed while I was in Colorado. When I arrived here I was told that it was in the national park called Garden of the Gods, a beautiful area of high red rock mountains in Colorado Springs. A group of 5 of us took our Goddess energies into the park early on the 1st of February in response to this request from the Star Councils, and carried out an activation of the land which allowed dark energy to be released from Gaia's body, so that the pain of the women who lost their men and children in battles could be released. As this released, so energy was able to move between the core crystal and the core of the galaxy again in that place, to assist the vortex energy to function in full power once more.



Cahokia Mounds, Illinois
near the border with Missouri, is the site of an ancient 'mound culture' much like Silbury Hill in England. There is also a 'woodhenge' like the one near Stonehenge, and several smaller mounds which look like the 'round barrows' near Avebury.

The group who invited me to do a workshop in St. Louis took me here early on the morning of Sunday 7th Feb 2010, and we danced and sang our joy into Gaia in the crunchy pristine snow on the largest mound. It literally charged me like a battery (from a pretty 'dead' state earlier in the morning!)