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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!



March 20:  Equinox of Gratitude!

Look here for a potential celebration, in or out of one of the new Medicine Wheels! There is a version with Spanish subtitles and a written transcript of this message below. Let’s do it big this Equinox dear tribe of mine!
Love love love
Solara An-Ra
Warrior of the Light xxx

Spanish Translation



20 March 2010: The Equinox of Gratitude!

There is no time focus for the Equinox Celebrations – sunset and sunrise are always special times, but any time within the 24 hour period of the 20 March is appropriate.
Simply know that you are connected with all others visioning peace on Earth on that day!

You dear Earth beings need reasons for experiencing or understanding or experiencing yourselves as one – as one tribe! And so we will give you this one – at this time of Equinox, no matter whether in the Northern or the Southern hemisphere you have equal day and night. You have equality of the day and night time periods. And we know how you love to mark time! :)

And so consider that whether you live north or south on your planet, all over the globe you will be experiencing a perfect moment in your time-reality, where there is equal day and night, equal sun- and moon-time, and this marks your movement forward into the further quarter of the year into which you step!
For some of you it is Spring; it is the signalling of the flowers and plants which bring such joy – enlightened aspects as they are of your plant kingdom! And for some of you it is the time of closing down, when the great tree beings lose their leaves, but in such display that it too brings you great joy! So, let us use this opportunity where there is this equality factor north and south upon this planet, to join you together with a single intention for the good, and in this case we name this March Equinox of 2010 The Equinox of Gratitude!

So many of you have discovered this secret – that it is through opening your hearts in thanks and appreciation, in gratitude, that allows you to raise your vibration and therefore allows your lives and ways of being to change into one of peace, balance and abundance.
In this instance, many of you dear beings will be collected together in perfect circles within your Medicine Wheels. And even if not you may make space (anywhere indoors or outdoors on your planet) sacred, by simply forming a circle, and by calling it a ‘sacred circle’! This is a good trick, is it not? It teaches you that what you decide – is. That as you invoke or command, it is so!
And so, as some of you will be on mountaintops, and others will be in living rooms, we give you an easy focus which is most powerful in our estimation – a more accessible and easily understood and achieved state of emotional being, which brings about the reality of peace on Earth. And this is what we wish (you and us) we wish to achieve - peace on Earth, is this not so?
And so we say, Andromedan-Sirian-Pleiadian Council, the Councils of Light – we surround you and will surround you as you gather in your groups and evoke within your emotional beings - pure unadulterated gratitude!

1. You may begin by passing the Talking Stick, this ancient tool of wisdom which encourages the speaking of truth from the heart. And the one who holds the stick will simply speak on what they are thankful for regarding the change of the season which you experience in that place where you are.
When all have spoken, you will AUM (OHM) – and you will allow visions of gratitude and beauty about that which you are grateful for in your landscape and in the nature beings of Gaia. You will have these running through your thought forms as you AUM.
Remembering to use all 3 aspects of the sound, so that with the beginning
AAAAHHHH, your hearts are opened, and that with the
OOOOOOOO, your bodies are connected, and that with the sounding of the
MMMMM, your third eyes are in resonance with the pictures that run through your minds, thus chanting in great joy and bliss!
2. And we ask that once again the Talking Stick is passed around, and you speak this time upon your friends and family, indeed your tribe (those humans known and unknown to you) and you give thanks and speak of the gratitude that you have in your hearts for these.
and when the Talking Stick has passed around once more, you chant AUM.
You may chant AUM 1, 3, 5 or 7 times in each round according to your desire. There is flexibility, depending on how much time you wish to devote to this particular activity.
3. Once again, you will pass the Talking Stick around, and you will speak of the gratitude in your hearts about life on Earth, about your experience of life on Earth and what is joyful for you within that experience. And once the Talking Stick has moved around once more, you will chant AUM.
These are 3 suggestions, but indeed you may make your own focus. The primary aim is simply that the entire group and all groups that are co-joined in this activity on this day – that all move into a state of love and gratitude.

And so we name this The Equinox of Gratitude! Namaste.