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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!



A Pleiadian guide, Satya, on singing in the bathtub!

All is perfect exactly as it is right now! We ask you to believe that this is so. No matter what occurs in your life right now, we ask you to believe that all is perfect exactly as it is right now. This understanding is transformative beyond measure.
Satya speaks for all those who would hear. Open your sensory devices and apparatus – we refer to what you call ears! :) Your ears are receptive devices – through them healing streams. Oh dear children, turn off your TV’s – turn off the noise, turn off the news, tune out the traffic – and sing.
Sing in your healing, sing in the car, sing in the bathtub, sing as you sleep! For your beauteous voices hold healing for all those around. Sing, sing, sing!
Thus it is children that you affect healing within yourselves on a cellular level, as well as within those whom you heal. Do you not feel the truth of this now? Do you not know this within your heart? Do you not feel this within your spirit – the beauty of sound? There is no one of you who cannot issue forth amazing unqualified beauty through your vocal cords.
It is time for you to stop whinging about feeling like aliens on the Earth plane, about the disconnection between you and your brethren and your families – for you, each of you, have chosen to be here RIGHT NOW at this time in which the ascension plan is indeed taking place.
THIS IS NOT A FUTURE EVENT – it is taking place as we speak! You are raising the vibration within your cellular matrix which allows the codes to be unlocked. The ‘codes of remembrance’ they are often called – which simply means that you re-member who you truly are! Namaste.