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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!



Urgent Request From The Councils Of Light: June 21 2009

Children of Light, know that we are here to assist in your awakening. As your planet aligns with your great star, your sun, on this day you name the Solstice, there is a potential opening in your consciousness, which is made possible through the heightened magnetic field in your atmosphere.

We say ‘potential’, for it is necessary for you to choose to use this available energy. This is the way on your planet – always is there absolute and complete choice in your awakening. We ask you to choose now – do you wish to step through the density into the Light? Do you accept the assistance of the Star nations and the Councils of Light? Do you choose to be of service in the healing of your tribe?

We gift you now with some suggestions for this sacred day. We urge you to use the energies of this day to reconnect with your sun and your planet, and to do this meditation, for the healing of yourselves and your tribe.

We ask you to be outside on the body of the Earth if this is possible.

We ask you to gather in groups so that the power of your combined intentions is amplified. If you choose to be alone, however, you can connect from your consciousness with others, simply through your intention.

You understand that your sun affects your spiritual evolution through your magnetic grid? Without your sun there would be no way for you to travel out into your galaxy, or indeed the greater universe. In effect, there would be no way for you to ascend – for your sun is a portal through which you will pass in your journey into the Light. It is possible to travel in your Light Bodies, which are being reconnected now.

In this meditation you will make a deep connection with the Earth Mother. You will connect with your sun and experience the portal-like nature of this great being. You will also activate your Light Bodies, which hold the sacred geometry of the Octahedron within them.

In the doing of these 3 crucial steps, you step one step closer to the manifestation of peace and unity on your planet. Believe this to be so!