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The Star Alliances: August 2009

Feel the power of the sun dear ones, when you consciously connect with him – the great Grandfather within your realm, as he has always been known. You sit on the Mother and receive energy from the Father  – these 2 archetypal forces are lead to your reawakening or reconnection – either term is the same.

They are synonyms in this case, for in the reconnection within your DNA and the codes that have been dormant within your energy body – so you are reawakened. And as you are reawakened within your mind, body, spirit, soul and emotions to the reality now on earth, so you are fully reconnected, that you may see through the veils.

We elucidate that ‘seeing through the veils’ is no longer a metaphor used by the mystics. We ask you now to notice when you see through the veils – when you hear or read words from the manipulators that are meaningless to you; when you see through the lies; when you see through all ploys which seek to induce fear or distress or powerlessness within you - you are in that moment seeing through the veils.

When you look within your city environment and see the beauty of Gaia all around, you are seeing through the veils; when you stand in your truth and your knowledge when lies and distress and chaos are all around, you are seeing through the veils!

You uncover for yourselves secrets now that very few understand - by tuning into the energies of the power places on Gaia, and allowing insights to flow through you in an experiential way rather than intellectual – for it is not necessary for you to 'back things up' in order to prove things within your community.

Simply wake up to the energies and make your own conclusions! In the waking up you automatically wake up those around you. You awaken not only yourselves but the land, and you stimulate – initiate if you like – your ability to wake up others. We repeat often that those drawn to Solara An-Ra are drawn primarily because her assistance in their waking up allows them to do the same to others.

And so, if you like, we give you responsibility dear children, dear brothers and sisters of ours. We give you this responsibility which is no burden but will be the greatest joy ever in your lives – which is that you are able to wake others up! You are able to teach others new ways of being! Not necessarily through formal teaching but through your changes, through your transformation. It will flow naturally through your line of work, whether your work is overtly spiritual or not! This division between the spiritual and non-spiritual will not exist soon - you move into a time where all is blended.

We see these changes with great joy – and with tears of gratitude we say to you YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME! Speak your truths dear ones. Open your minds and hearts in unison that you may be your higher selves. You may be your higher selves always by staying in integrity, by combining through from your third eye to your heart – and by operating from this place.

In great love, the Star Alliances wish you a very blessed - Namaste.