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Channellings from Peru: March 2010


All of us on the Peru trip stayed in the moment, changed plans and went with the flow, opened our hearts and third eyes, connected the Light grid between the places we visited and Machu Picchu, made friends, sang, toned, screamed and laughed til we cried!

HUGE love and thanks to all those who shared the journey with me, to the Star Councils of Light, the shamans of Peru, the ancestors, Father Sun and Mother Gaia/Pachamama!

(If you can't hear the channelling on Lake Titicaca, the written version is below)


We found ourselves at Ajaya Marka near Lake Titicaca - not originally on our agenda, but what an amazing energy portal!
As I placed my forehead on the doorway stone I found myself shooting straight through the stone along what felt like a passageway, and out into a bright indigo sky filled with stars! My guides informed us that dormant spiritual powers and gifts would arise in each one who visits this place with an activated heart centre and open 'inner vision.' May it be so!




This was one of my favourite channellings from the March Equinox trip to Peru. The presence of Christ Consciousness and therefore of unconditional love POURED through me as the message unfolded! We were up at Sacsayhuaman temple high in the beautiful mountains above Cusco, at dawn .Having just experienced an activation of the Heart Chakra doing Unity Consciousness Breath, breathing through the prana tube into the heart, the message from the Pleiadians about AS YOU GIVE SO YOU RECEIVE was so simple and yet so moving that it will live on in my heart forever!



Lake Titicaca 15 March 2010


Dear children of Terra, look around you with eyes that are opened like the eyes of a child, in order to see the beauty and wonder once more – for if your eyes are not open in this manner, how will you save yourselves and your dear planet? There is a way of looking at your world where you filter out that which you would not see,  and filter in that which you would see. Even in the city on a day when it is gray and the rain falls, even in any adverse circumstances, you may always find something of beauty to focus on.
And you may always connect with the 4 directions – with all that is above and all that is below and in your heart centres. We stress this, the connection through the sacred 7 directions because it is an incredibly powerful way to reconnect yourself. You cannot reconnect your DNA and you 12 chakric system without this practise and experience of connecting yourselves with the Father Sun, with the Mother Earth, and indeed your heart temple.
There is a temple inside your chest which holds energies that you may access in order to go into bliss. And the trick dear ones, is to first connect yourselves with the 4 corners of the earth, with the core crystal, and with the centre of the galaxy. This is how we have taught it, and then you begin, through your prana tube, to breathe energy into your hearts, aware of this great golden energy of clarity, of the prana which the yogis have also worked with. They do not do lip service – they work with these energies which have been made known to them – and prana of course is all around you at all times, but more accessible and powerful in a place such as this which is beauty personified.
Some of you have places which are special to you, whether this is a corner of your garden or a more dramatically beautiful place, but it matters not – it matters only that you open your eyes to the beauty and make the effort to connect with your sun and your Earth as so many of you do at this time of the March Equinox. Simple are these ways, and yet profound. With great love, Namaste.