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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!



Singing Stonehenge awake: 1st May 2010 - Message from
the Land Guardians of Stonehenge & The Pleiadian Councils

This Gaia-and-tribe project in Stonehenge, plus the ones to come later this year, are in response to the message I received from my guides when I first went into the stones on a private entrance in 2009.

They said, 'It is your task, as already intuited, to bring people together to sing the land alive. Amongst those temples and places within the land that you visit, that have been assisted and awakened through the Light workers present, this one is the most dormant and most in need and there are myriad reasons.


'But it is indeed a part of the key of the Avebury Ascension Portal! As has been spoken, it is not exactly the transmitter which awakens the energies of Avebury, but it is necessary to heal damage perpetrated here, and as already been intuited the damage is below. Crystals are not needed within the Henge, but the love is, and the toning. Namaste.'

May we together sing our love into blessed Gaia wherever we are on the planet!