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Entering 2016 ~
The Star Councils of Light

Dear Light tribe of Terra, we send you greetings of love in this new dawn. We come to reassure you that you are progressing in your evolution. More are conscious now in your dense dimension than have ever been through the anals of time as your historians would portray it. Do not take our word for it – reflect rather on the questions we pose now. Answer these questions quickly, without second-guessing yourself, and we will make our point lucid.

What are your primary concerns, in this moment right here, right now - into which of these 2 categories do you more comfortably fit?

  • Are you mostly concerned with the accumulation of wealth, with doing better than your neighbours/work colleagues or with winning a battle against another person, group, clan or country?
  • Or are you more preoccupied with how to improve your relationships, how to feel more confident, peaceful and happy and working out what your true path is?
The percentage of Earth people who fit into the latter category has soared over the past year, and this indicates to all in the higher dimensions how much you are progressing in consciousness terms. It is not about having your life all neatly sorted out – it’s about your priorities and the effort you are putting into manifesting a life more meaningful and loving. This is what differentiates a seeker from a slumberer. All of you reading this are now aware that you are in charge of your own boat, and that the more you let go of the oars and allow the all-knowing stream of life to guide you forward, the more joyful is your ride.
As we look into your DNA evolution, there is progress here also. For some of you there is a quantum leap as 2 additional strands coalesce simultaneously. When this happens you may experience hyperactive periods, difficulty sleeping and discomfort in social situations - although all of these symptoms may occur for another reason, related to the process of integrating code downloads – both occurrences being part of your energetic evolution at this time.
The remedy in both cases is to rest your body through pranayama - conscious breath - more powerful in terms of rejuvenation than sleep - and secondly to connect with nature more deeply and more frequently. We speak often of the healing available to you through nature and we observe that only a few of you truly pay attention to our words in this respect. Connecting with nature is not about taking photos of the sunset, dear ones - it is about sitting or walking quietly - so still that the birds and insects no longer perceive you as a disturbance - and truly drinking in the nectar of the life-force in all aspects of nature through all of your senses. Only in this state of quietude are the restorative and healing qualities of the natural world truly accessible to you.
The year that has just dawned is one that holds opportunities beyond your expectations. Your potential abilities to manifest at will, to experience out-of-body states, and to overcome evil in your world are all taking a great leap forward. Opportunities for your expansion will present themselves in all manner of means and you must grab them by the horns. You must be on the alert for delightful game-changing opportunities, ever-watchful for surprises and gifts. If you EXPECT gifts you are more likely to recognise them when they show up, is this not so? And if you expect disaster and hardship are you not, by corollary, more likely to find these littering your path also?
Stay connected dear ones, as you usher in this new year – connected in your hearts, connected to your breath, connected to your gifts and connected to your Light tribe. Maintain your connection with all-that-is-above; your guides and angels, Mother-Father-God - and all-that-is-below; the world of beauty that you inhabit. When you are vertically connected, you are able to replenish your prana at will in any moment.
This will assist you in being a witness to the occurrences in your lives so that you can maintain a bigger perspective on all things – those that you judge as bad and those that you judge favourably. And so you stay grounded, feet firmly rooted into the soil of your glorious planet – and your relationships improve, your health improves, you feel more balanced and happy – and the path that you choose is manifest naturally, out of your enlightened perspective of Earth life.

And so it is. Namaste.