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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!

The Councils of Light ~ Message from Teotihuacan

Note from Solara: This message was given after our group in Teotihuacan had seeded intentions for a ‘re-set point’ in our lives. Choose very carefully, what you want to seed or birth in your life
right now. Speak these intentions out loud NOW, before you read the message.

Open your heart to accept changes in your life and in yourself in order for these intentions to manifest.

Love love love,
Solara An-Ra
Magic Weaver for Gaia

The Councils of Light

Each one of you hearing this message is already aware that without disassociating yourselves from the everyday world – from the world which is caught up in the dream of money and materialism – you are lost. If you allow yourselves to live within the dream that has been created by the manipulators, you automatically find yourselves in a place of separation, insecurity, defensiveness and scarcity consciousness - for they have seeded fear into your civilisation in order to keep you separate, unconscious, sheep, zombies. Every one of you is aware that this artificial civilisation/world/society/consciousness that has been created is only in order to keep you separated from your Higher Self, from each other, from your true power and from the reality of the consciousness shift towards which you move.

And so, this is a cause for celebration, is it not? You have awoken from this dream or illusion, from the maya of 'vrittis' - all of the discomforts that you experience as a personality self in a human body – the discomforts of insecurity, jealousy, anxiety, control agendas and so forth. When you disassociate yourself from the general mentality of your society, you awaken into a world in which you are the creators of your destiny! This is the first and foremost tool of awakening for human beings – this understanding of being fully in charge of your destinies. And when you truly trust that you can create what you desire in terms of earth life, with the proviso that it is for your highest good and the highest good of all, and you are choosing to be of service - with these ‘add-ons’ so to speak, you are 100% assured by us and by all who have awakened into the truth of the universal laws, that every single thing that is needed for you to move forward on your path will be given.

Trust in this, dear ones. Trust that the words that you have spoken about what you choose to seed at this powerful time are tremendously powerful – that you are tremendously powerful! You are able to completely transform your experience of Earth life. You are able, simply through your clear intentions and through moving into absolute trust in your own power, to consciously co-create the reality that you choose. We remind you of the underlying principles that we have spoken about that affect your ability to manifest that which you desire:

1.       Choosing to be of service. When you choose to be of service to your human tribe, you make a great leap of consciousness. When you truly understand that this is the only reason you chose to experience a physical incarnation at this time of transformation, it brings a great sigh of relief to your Higher Self and to the universal consciousness of which you are a part, for you are remembering your original intention and destination.

2.       Choosing to manifest only that which is for your highest good. When you understand that on a Higher Self level, every single thing that you experience in Earth life is brought into your reality in order to wake you up and to assist you in making changes in areas that do not serve you, this brings a shift in how you are able to manifest your destiny. It involves trust. Trust that there is such a thing as a Universal Force or Original Creator – a force so large and unifying that it is difficult to conceptualise.

3.       Choosing to manifest for the highest good of all. On a microcosmic level this includes your family, your friends, your children, your partners and your colleagues – in other words, you choose that what you manifest is for the highest good of your immediate circle. On a macrocosmic level, it includes all of reality – all that is in your reality and all that is in the realities beyond.

By incorporating these 3 principles you are assured of manifesting a higher reality for yourselves and all of your world. You are remembering that you came to assist in the seeding of Christ consciousness, just as the Jesus Christ Light-child did before you at zero point.  Each one of your individual seedings are thus contributing towards the manifestation of your communal consciousness shift. And so It Is. Namaste.