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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!




This channelled message came during my recent 'Opening to Channel' course in London. We had just experienced an Ankh Initiation - I was guided in exactly what to do for each participant and then my assistant teacher Armukara Angel initiated me.

We were placed in a Golden Pyramid at the start, the energies of which were activated my channelling Hathor and Amun-Ra sound frequencies - a WONDERFUL experience of spontaneous overtoning for me!


You, dear tribe, are being encouraged to do initiations in your spiritual groups - healing/meditation groups, or spiritual friends, get together and allow yourselves to be guided - all instructions will come from your Higher Selves/guides/the Angels/Ascended Masters/Star Beings - they are literally waiting in excited anticipation for you to call them so they may assist in your initiations!

If you have received your spiritual name, this is a great reason for an initiation! My next one is for my 'Mayan Transition' when i turn 52 on the 24th July 2010 - thus entering my second cycle and my Wisdom Years. The coming Summer Solstice on June 21st is a great time for one as well. Let me know about your ceremonies and initiations!
Written Version of above channelling

Initiations have gone missing from your society, have they not? The initiations which allowed emotional, physical & psychological transition from child to adult; from adult to wise elder. Without these initiations, how are these transitions experienced in your societies? How? Usually with difficulty, usually with some trauma or insecurity - certainly the latter, of moving into your ‘wisdom years’ - this is not joyful for most of you.

And so Solara An-Ra will show, as she transitions into her elder years on July 24th of this Earth year - she will demonstrate that marking the transition with a ceremony and ritual will empower her further. And her status as elder being recognised as such will allow her to transition with joy rather than anxiety about growing old.

And so we speak of initiations which are similar, in that they mark transition from one stage to another. The initiation which was now performed was an activation of third eye through ANKH. Ankh, in Egyptian terms is a key – a key which unlocks a doorway into another and higher reality. It is an ascension key. But for those here present in this circle, this ankh initiation was to allow them to connect with their ancient Egyptian ancestry, that the memory of the codes shall arise once more through their bodies.

Ritual is resurfacing on your Earth plane in the form of the ceremonies which you hold (the Solstice & Equinox Celebrations). Ritual is the outward marking, the showing of what you wish to achieve – it is a demonstration of your intention. For instance, the intention to connect with Source energy through SUN, something which was widely recognised in ancient Egypt – Akhenaton showing the way through his ‘worship’ as it is now seen, of the Sun. Indeed it was more like the showing of outward connection with Ra. Amun-Ra is an Egyptian energy frequency to which many of you who hear these words are connected.

And so there are those of you dear Warriors of the Light who would love to take part in an initiation – and you may be initiated into several orders. There are those of you who may be initiated into the Order of Melchizedek, that great Cosmic Order of Light Beings in etheric form and in physical body on Earth plane who assist with this ascension frequency, that it may be held in sufficient force that even those who are not yet now awake may rise up to meet the frequency.

There are those who are ‘Sisters of Isis’ (and included in these are the masculine). There are those who have been in the Order of the ‘Sisters of Isis’ in Egypt - and if you feel this to be true in your hearts, then you may ask those that love you and who are connected with your Light frequency to initiate you into this order. And always is there an anointing within these initiations.

In the initiation now performed through Solara An-Ra there have been Egyptian oils used, but you may use oils of your choosing that are charged with Light frequency. And for each one an oil is chosen, and this may be used for anointing the one who is initiated. In this instance there was guidance to anoint each one with the ankh – and the oil was placed upon this ankh in material form. And the ankh was pressed to the third eye, and the perfect sacred geometry of the ascension key was radiated through the cells, that they were infused with this, as this was an Ankh initiation.

In an Isis Initiation the wings would be placed upon the forehead, either through the painting with the fingers or through a material object – and we do not give rules now, but simply suggestions for those of you who wish to be initiated. You may choose to be initiated outdoors in a place of power, where the great elements are with you and you feel Gaia’s presence with you. You may wear white if you choose – you may choose other colours, you may make ritual as you choose it for your ceremony – but we simply encourage that initiations come back into fashion shall we say!

We are greatly pleased to encourage you with this aspect, with this aspect of ancient life which returns now. It returns from the Golden Age of Atlantis, from Ancient Egypt, from Lemuria, and from all the indigenous tribes across the globe who have recognised that transition should be marked by ritual, by ceremony, by spoken initiation. Namaste.