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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!



June Solstice 2010 - Call to Celebrate!

You are called to celebrate this Summer Solstice - 21 June! As this is a Monday it is ok to do your ceremony/gathering/celebration on Sunday 20th if this makes it easier for people to come.

Pay attention to the message given here by the Councils of Light - that is is you CLEAR INTENTION, combined with your ENTHUSIASM AND OPEN HEART, which brings the magic/alchemy into these ceremonies! It is not a 'show' or empty ritual - pour your LOVE AND GRATITUDE into our Father Sun and Mother Earth during your celebrations! It is these connections which allow us to move into higher frequencies on Gaia now!

HAPPY SOLSTICE for the 20-21st dear tribe!!! Love love love
Solara An-Ra Warrior of the Light


June Solstice 2010 Channelling

These efforts which you make towards your celebrations, your ceremonies, are greatly appreciated – those of you within Medicine Wheels, and those of you who simply create what is effectively also a Medicine Wheel through your calling in of the 4 directions, and of course, of all-that-is-above and all-that-is-below, and opening your hearts in the 7th crucial direction, within. To each and every one of you, we say that in this movement towards the ‘ways of old’, towards the ways of the ancestors, and these ancestors that we speak of are not all primitive as you might imagine when you picture indigenous tribes, you are advancing beyond measure!
Highly advanced civilisations have used these same tools – ceremony; ritual; the sitting or standing in a circle which allows you to experience that YOU ARE ALL EQUAL AND ONE; the lighting of the fire or candles in the centre of your circles, which symbolise the One Light/ the Creative Source itself/God-Goddess/ That from which all is manifest; the sharing of songs and poems and inspirations from the Heart; the drumming & rhythms & music which you make together which literally awakens the Earth, her vibrations, and the vibrations of her Heart Core Crystal!
As the group energy is combined by your united intentions and by the combination of joyful & heart-felt emotion, so magic is created; so a White Light is ignited which ignites the hearts of others throughout this dimension & higher and lower dimensions! This is the alchemy of which we often speak.
Alchemy involves not only the transformation of base metals into the precious ones of gold & silver. Alchemy is the magic of transforming the vibration of a certain medium into one which is higher, and your task towards ascension is that, literally! It is that – it is the turning of your physical matter & cells, and the density which has prevailed in the third dimension; it is the transmutation of that, into light – so that your physical bodies become Light Bodies like ours – so that you may choose whether your bodies are in density or in Light form!
We watch you as you make songs, Solara An-Ra, as each one of you in your tribe opens their heart and makes poems, makes resolutions, makes plans towards attending ceremonies. Choose places outside that are powerful and beautiful, that your hearts may be opened and stirred by Gaia’s great beautiful energy.
At every single of these quarterly ceremonies, these times in your geography-science where there are these alignments between your great Grandfather Sun and your Mother Earth, (in other words at both of the Equinoxes and both of the Solstices), at these times, always, do you connect with the Sun and with the Earth. In every way are these father and mother to you. In every way do your physical lives depend upon these 2 great forces, who know each other well, as every mother and father would. Feel yourselves at these times as the children of these 2 great forces, without any idea that this is a childish or primitive thought or belief.
The stirring of your emotions; the bringing forth of joy and creativity in these ceremonies is the point of them. Ritual performed without emotion and clear intention, is nothing. Ritual, that outward demonstration of your intentions, must be combined with your emotions, and particularly the emotions of love-and-gratitude – the secret combination of emotions which allow you to manifest anything that you desire.
Councils of Light, Star Beings all, are with you in your ceremonies! With great joy and love, Namaste.