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Hello from Mexico my dearest Tribe!

I thought I was coming to Mexico to write, but so far my guides have other ideas! I've been to the amazing cliff-side Mayan ruins in Tulum, channelling amazing stuff about my past life there as a priest, and then to the Grand Cenote, a stunning system of limestone caves filled with birds, fresh water fish, crabs and even turtles!

My guides asked me to video a channelling in the cenote, and to wear white. I arrived, exhausted and steaming hot after walking around the ruins and channelling in Tulum in the blistering sun, and had to jump in the glorious lake straight away! After snorkelling and swimming for a while, I was suddenly told that they were about to close - so I had no time to get dressed or prepare myself - I just through my shawl over my swimsuit - and the youtube is thus what it is! You can hear the guards shouting at me at the end of the video - talk about pressure! :)

Written Transcript: Grand Cenote Channelling - July 2010

"Ancestors of the land have gathered here in these caverns of beauty, which allow energetic connection through the waters that flow through Gaia. They understood that it was through the streams of water on the planet that energetic connection was most easily effected.

These waters, pure and blessed as they are, moving upwards into the caverns from a place where pollution is not, and energy is strong- you may feel the presence of joy in this place through the radiance of the animals within the waters and within the caves. They welcome humans into their place with open spirit. And we speak to you Earth-tribe now, regarding the waters of Gaia.

Many of you have been distressed about this recent contamination of the living liquid of Gaia within the ocean. We say that there has been purpose behind this disaster -- that once again, the ploys of those who do not care for the dawning of the Age of Light -- that these ploys have been revealed. And we assure you that this ocean is able to repair itself.

We ask you to focus upon the waters which are pure, such as these, that you may project your love and awareness of crystalline purity within the waters into all of the waters of the world. It is necessary to focus on that which you desire, and not that which you do not.

All of these 'disasters', man-made or natural as you would call them -- all of these, within your media systems, are played upon in order to divert you from the true healing and unity of Gaia-and-tribe which is in process now. They divert you with these pictures of pollution and disaster and war and lack and famine upon your planet -- in order that you may feel fearful and separated and powerless. This is manipulation of your emotional body.

And your emotional body manifests into your physical and material reality in the form of health or illness; in the form of poverty or abundance; in the form of joy and peace, or isolation and anxiety. You need to choose what you place into your emotional body and your thought streams. This is the greatest secret -- this is the secret of all secrets -- that you, dear beings, are entirely in charge of your own reality, including the state of the Earth!

And it is not necessary to be an eco-warrior in order to save Gaia and her beauty, energy and purity now. What is most necessary is that you know and trust that the Earth is able to heal Herself. When you are open in heart -- when your hearts and minds are reconnected so that you are your Angelic presences, that which you term Higher Self -- when you are in this state of being, it is not possible to harm your planet or each other in any way.

We greet you with love dear ones. Ancestors of Gaia are present in the places of power and beauty, and thus are you called to these places, that you may feel our power and wisdom, and understand that you are one with us. We are together in this re-emergence of the Age of Light.
In great love, Namaste.