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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!



Asking Permission from the Spirits of a Sacred Place
Guardians of the Land

Flash Animation This message came the day before the 10-10-10 at Pluto Caves, in the foothills of Mount Shasta. The guardians of the land told us how grateful they were that our Earth tribe are once more aware of the need to ask permission from the spirits of a sacred place before entering that place.
They explained that in the case of a vortex spot on Gaia such as Mount Shasta, it was better to access the spirit of the place from a distance before walking on Her, and spend some time asking permission to access Her true spirit.
I feel the amaaaaaaazing amount of orbs in our photo's are a testament to the fact that the spirits of this place not only gave us permission to enter, but welcomed us with open arms! (Thank you Katie for the photo's!)
The sacred ways of our ancestors return! Hooraaaaaaaaaay!