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A Lesson In Manifesting: Councils of Light

This channelling was recorded during a manifesting workshop at the Shekinah Temple, New York. The example used, that of manifesting the perfect love partner, is dear to many people’s hearts. I hope that the very practical advice given assists all of you who are seeking to attract a partner into your lives, easily and joyfully!

Written Transcript
Channelled during a Manifesting Workshop, Shekinah Temple, Oct 2010

All of you on Earth are in the business of manifesting your reality in every moment, whether you are aware of this or not. This is because your thoughts and beliefs and the emotions which accompany them; all of these are literally drawing into your lives your circumstances - your relationships, where you live, how abundantly money flows through your lives, the state of your physical health, your home conditions, what you do for work, etc. Every element of your Earth life is controlled by this, and although many of you now understand that ‘positive thinking’ and attempting to choose your thoughts and beliefs more consciously will assist, many of you are unable to achieve the results that you desire.

There is this aspect of expectations and intentions which we wish to address. Let us be clear – expectations are those thought forms and ‘thought packages’ within your consciousness which are concerning the result, the end result of any particular endeavour or thing which you wish to manifest. Your intentions are related to this but are different, in that they are concerning what you desire, rather than the pictures of what the outcome will be.

And so let us choose an example – let us choose your relationship with the one dearest to you – in other words your partner or love relationship. Let us say that you are on your own, and now you make the intention to have a partner, and you decide that you wish this partner to be spiritual, to be like minded and hearted - to be ‘on your wavelength’ in other words, which means ‘of like vibration.’ You wish this partner to be loving, to be affectionate, to be attractive, and with a good sense of humour. Is it not that this is like a personal ad in your newspapers? And so you set the intention that you will have a partner of this kind.

Now, what are your expectations, that lie behind this? Your expectations are that you will marry this person and have children with them. Your expectations may be that you will live in a certain way with them, and you make pictures around this. Your expectations are that they will fulfil your every desire, and that you will be happy and no longer lonely, that you will be complete when you are with this one.

These expectations mean that you do not allow the magic of the Universe to work with you – and the magic of the Universe is that in order for you to be happy with that love partner, it may not materialise or manifest in the exact way or time that you think would be perfect for you. And so perhaps, making it more broad and general, you might wish or have the intention for a love partner, and that you meet them and are with them at the perfect time and place for your highest evolution and for the highest good of yourself and this other soul.

(And your longing to be completed by another person is erroneous entirely, for it is when you feel complete within your own being that you attract the correct person towards yourself! You then allow love to flow between the two of you as a sharing of your gifts and your sense of autonomy, of completeness within yourself, and you do not desire that this other must give you things that will make you happy – you simply share your happiness with this other one.)

And so we say that perhaps, in regards to close relationships, it is better that your picturing is more abstract, so that they do not need to be tall or short, they do not need to be fair or dark; they do not need to live in one particular city or another, or to have one occupation or another. You simply desire and have the intention that the perfect person for you on your spiritual path is manifest in your life at the perfect time for your and their evolution.

Things are not as they have been on your Earth plane. Things are shifting in every way and new paradigms are being seeded. And in this example of Earth love relationships this is very much so, so that in the letting go of old ways and concepts of how a relationship should be, you will be more successful at attracting towards yourself one who is in perfect harmony with you; one whose vibration is of a match to you. And so we simply point out that some of your expectations and the pictures in your mind regarding these expectations, do not always serve you.

Being clear in your intentions about the most important aspects – those being that you are able to stay in your heart; that you are able to be joyful and free on the Earth plane; that you are able to move forward within your chosen path, which means that you are using the gifts that you bring into this lifetime to their full effect, and spreading your light as a light warrior on Gaia now - these are the most important aspects within your manifesting, are they not?

They must underlie all you manifest – the clear intention to be a beacon of Light; to use and share your gifts; and to be in joy, to be in joy, to be in joy within your chosen paths.

Our love is with you! Namaste.