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Channelling the Councils of Light
White sands Beach, Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona October 2010

You dear beings are in an age in which electricity and magnetism and the Earth’s magnetosphere and the forces within the Earth are no longer the realm of the scientists – is this not so? For if you are on your spiritual paths you must become interested in these archetypal Earth forces, and in the elements of Gaia, in order to understand and control your auras (more familiar to us as your electrical Light body or Ka), and your greater Light body which contains the Merkaba (although this is only one aspect of this greater body.)
Why, you ask? Why is it important for you to know about these things, and experience, and be able to control your Light Bodies? Because this is the name of the game at the moment - what you term ascension.
You are in the process of reactivating your Light bodies, and the circuitry of the electrical Light body. You do this in many ways: first and foremost through the foods and liquids and exercise which are part of your life. If you do not exercise sufficiently – if you do not move your bodies in order to open your chakras and your Light body, then it is very difficult for you to increase your light sufficiently that you may be reactivated, and therefore be multi-dimensional.
Within the foods that you eat, it is essential that there is prana – that there is life-force, in order for your body to remain clear. The processed foods that you eat have very little life force in them. The micro waved foods that you eat have no life force whatsoever in them – and the confused nature of these food substances which you imbibe confuse your cells, and they start to protect themselves.
One of the results of this is cancer – your dear bodies simply fighting for their lives. Those cells which you think are cancerous and are enemies in your bodies are simply working to protect the other cells and to transmute your body! And so many of you now find that you can combat things like cancer, and ignore the diagnosis entirely, and not use the treatments which have been used which go against your body’s natural defences.
And so it is essential that you look to see if there is prana, life force energy, radiating out of your foods. And if you are in situations where it is not possible to eat organic and clear foods, you may energise them by increasing the prana – this is called blessing your food. But it must not done simply as a meaningless ritual of words spoken – it must be done with heart energy, and it must be done with consciousness of prana techniques – simply channelling life force energy through yourself and into these foods before you eat them.
There must be sufficient water in your body in order for the electricity to work correctly – in order for the synapses to communicate with each other. So many of you feel blocked and stuck in your memory banks – so many of you that find it difficult to remember things and to process things. This is simply the lack of sufficient connection within the synapses - and you will find that the more purified liquids that you drink, the more you require, and the easier it is for your mind and body to work.
We speak also of the electrical interference which is present in your society - and indeed much of your society live in these boxes of habitation within cities in which there are multiple high-rise boxes, and there is electrical interference from all sides. You can create an energy space within your habitation which is electricity free, even if you live in one of these places – simply by unplugging everything - unplugging everything unless you are using that thing. You may use gas instead of electricity, and you may minimise those magnetic and electrical appliances that interfere, and you may pull out all of those things which make little lights in your homes. Some of you sleep with these little lights surrounding you in your home.
This very simple method of disconnecting yourselves as much as possible from the electricity in the air, and in the ground below you, and within the walls of your buildings, will assist. Simply this, combined with expanding your Light bodies by calling your energy back to yourselves and clearing your energy, which is very simple and may be done through the ‘Essential Daily Practices’ meditation which has been given.
We speak now of the internet – of the great www which transfixes you for so much of your time. This is a new phenomenon which expands in its power so quickly, and connects so many of you Light tribe in joy, so that you may find each other!
But there are many who use this unconsciously, and who surf the web – this is the addiction which has replaced surfing the TV channels, has it not? It may become an addiction. But if you choose to use it wisely, with the clear intention of spreading light and love to the tribe of Gaia – and if you use it so that you are conscious of how long you have spent on it, rather than all day – and if you use it with awareness of your own energy body – then it does not need to be harmful. We will tell you a simple way now of doing this.
You may breathe prana in through your prana tube, in from above and below and into your heart – and you may expand your heart centre. Do this before making the connection with the internet. And you may send this Light and love energy out into your aura, and particularly through your fingers – through the chakras in your hands and at the end of each fingertip.
You may rest your hands on your computer and say out loud ‘I send and receive only love and Light through the internet!’ - and you may stream this golden-pink Light and love energy mentally through all the tubes and circuits you will use during your time on the internet. And, knowing that, you may press that magic button which connects you with your Light tribe across the globe!
 If you know and trust completely that that which you receive and the messages you read on the internet are only those that serve you and the divine plan for Gaia – then it shall be, for you understand that your trust and belief is always what creates your reality!
When you are sent things from friends, perhaps a channelling, you may scan the message and receive an instant acknowledgement of whether this message brings Light to you. This is discernment – discernment is what you cultivate now. There is no such thing as you not knowing what is of the Light and what is not. If you practise Light technology, so that you are always conscious of Light and you are always desirous of spreading Light and becoming a beacon of Light through your words, through your smile, through your writing, through your way of being – then there is no possibility of the dark forces influencing  you.
We hope we have been of assistance. We are Councils of Light, from the stars, and we stream our love to you! Namaste.