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We wish to speak to you at this time about Light and Love. Many of you Light Warriors sign yourselves off with this phrase 'light and love', and some of you have forgotten the import of these two frequencies -- for both Light and Love are frequencies which are held within the inter-dimensional planes -- and also yes, at this time, on your planet.

Light and Love frequencies are always available, but you must choose to tap into them in order to use them and be of service in this way. The energy of Light is that which has as its opposition the dark -- and all of you understand that in polarity and in duality there is this juxtaposition of Light and dark within all things on your Earth plane. There is not naturally one which holds sway over your population; over your civilisations. There is always both and you must choose which one will rule your civilisation now.

It is also that at this time you have stepped over that edge into the New Age at this time in the 26,000 year cycle -- that which is the precession of the equinoxes. You have been in transition for some time now between the age of Pisces and the age of Aquarius. But now you have truly stepped into the Aquarian frequencies in which freedom will rule. You thus see all around you your peoples standing up against those who would hold them in bondage. For freedom is your birth right, and you will have it now, as you are assisted by the Light frequencies of many Star nations!

And so, although it has been a battle to stay in the Light and focus on the Light when so much dark has been perceived in your body, in your life and on the Earth plane, it is now more easy than ever before to absorb the Light frequencies because you are at this time when Light must hold sway! You are entering the Age of Light, and we are here to tell you that it is not a future event -- that it has arrived already!

We speak also now of the Love frequency. Love frequency emits from the Great Central Sun -- from the Source of all-that-is; that which you call the God-Goddess; Mother-Father God. Love energy from Mother-Father God rains always down into your realm, and you can tune into this Love frequency only through opening your hearts -- it is not possible from your minds only. There are some of you who work diligently with methods such as affirmations, attempting to change negative patterns and ways of thinking, and we say to you that although it is beneficial it is easier than you think to tap into the frequencies of Love.

This is the time on the Earth plane when your hearts naturally open and when you remember how to breathe through your prana tubes, that you may consciously access the energies of Heaven and Gaia -- and it is this way of breathing through your prana tubes that naturally activates your heart centres. It is now the time of the ONE HEART. The One Heart is the combining of Anahata, the personal heart with the Higher or Sacred heart -- that which has been hidden in the age of Pisces -- for it is this aspect of Higher Heart which allows you to connect with all others through the Love frequency.

It is now a time when this aspect of Higher heart is combined with your personal heart into the One Heart, and it is the One Heart which allows you to tune into the Love frequency of Mother-Father God. This is simple and joyful and more important on your spiritual paths and awakening than anything else!

We have enjoyed speaking with you on this crystalline day. We bring the crystalline frequencies into your world, assisting when you call on us to do so. Namaste.