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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


This channelling is not recent - it is from 2009 - but a channelling on crystals was requested, and I found this one (the second section from the Pleiadians)


We are the Sirian Brotherhood of Light, who assist specifically with the codes. Understand now, dear ones, that you are coded to wake up at this SPECIFIC time – we refer to this time on Terra, your beautiful blue-green planet. This has always been the plan – that which you call the ‘Divine Plan’.
It is a plan for not only Terra herself, the great being with whom you interact very closely now, but it is for her people specifically – for it is not desirable that the people of Earth are wiped out. This has happened previously when circumstances have not been favourable for the consciousness shift which has been desirable. The specific plan in this instance is that the peoples are transformed, and this is something which is entirely unique to your situation on your planet now.
The uniqueness lies in the outcome – in which you will be transformed utterly - in a way which will be almost unrecognisable - in that you will be fully conscious as ‘Light Beings’. But it will be possible for the first time on your planet for you to hold your physical form.
This is a great relief to you we feel, attached as you are to physicality through your experience of it – for you only have experienced glimpses of non-physicality within your lucid dreaming, within your outer body experiences, within the peak moments of your meditations. And we do feel that there are several here present who have felt this – and we say to you that in those moments you are indeed in your Light Bodies!
Pleiadians: -
We speak now of the crystals. I wish to bring general information first about these beings which you hold. Let it be known now and truly felt within your souls that these are beings that you hold that have sentient consciousness. The life-force flows through them as the life force (prana, in your terms) flows through you. But there is a difference in that many crystals are designed to amplify or concentrate energy, as would an acupuncture needle.
And so it is the way - that having taken these from the womb of Gaia (albeit you did not do it yourselves) - it is necessary that you use them consciously, and that their purpose is known to you. You can channel a crystal just as you can channel a being or presence or a healing vibration or energy, and thus it is possible to communicate with it.
So we ask you to hold only 1 crystal in your hand now – and ask that – even if this is one that you have used for many years, you simply go through this process now, for it might still bring new information through. Ask this crystal now which is on your hand to connect with you energetically.
And become receptive within yourself to the energies of it. Having connected thus, send your love and gratitude to this being for having placed itself in your path. Open your heart chakras in order to do this so that LOVE flows through from Anahata in your chest, through your arm and hand, and connects directly – for love and gratitude is the easiest, most effective and pleasurable way to connect with a crystal.
Ask this being now if cleansing is needed before it is dedicated to its purpose with you – and if the answer is yes, then ask if it needs to be
Buried in the land
If it needs to be etherically cleaned with the sacred sage or through a candle flame
If it needs to be left outside under the sun- or moon-light for a period
And if it needs to be in water with salt, or simply in salt
One of these methods is always effective.
Move on now to the question – what is your purpose with me now? How may I most effectively use you? This crystal may be used to
Absorb negative energies or vibrations in your living or working space
It may be used to assist in the healing of yourself or others
It may be used to assist with creative ideas or channelling
If you have an idea of how you would like to use this crystal, and then ask directly if this is possible – or simply ask what its purpose is if you are able.
Now comes the final stage in which you charge the crystal by sending your clear intention into it's crystalline matrix. Flow your desire for it's usage into it for a few minutes, and thank this being for assisting you in this way, as if it's purpose is already realised. and so it is.