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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!




21st June 2011

'Ancient ways return on Gaia now – ceremonies and rituals which were enacted by entire civilizations at the times of sun-and-earth conjunctions. Alignments of your planet and Sun-star are not geographical or scientific in nature only – they are energetic alignments wherein spiritual potential is amplified. This is the bridging of science-and-spiritual which marks the return of an enlightened civilization on your blue-green planet!
YOU bring these ways back. YOU harness these energies once more at the Solstice, collecting at the sacred sites of your ancestors or making sacred space on your own home ground. And this causes a wave of electromagnetic energy to surge through the aura of your planet which is felt throughout your galaxy!
Your individual celebrations and ceremonies are contributing to the healing of your planet – contributing to the awakening of your tribe. Do not for a moment think that your ceremonies are insignificant! You need not be a great public leader or a knowledgeable shaman in order to lead a ceremony with your group of light family, large or small. You need only to have the desire to mark this energetic juncture with love and sincerity – each one in your sacred circle speaking words from the heart of love and gratitude for Gaia.
Within your circle, make sacred space first, by smudging or clearing the space with sage or essences which are known to be energetically clearing. Sacred sage and Palo Santo have been used for millennia in the Americas, but lavender or myrrh are oil essences which are widely accessible, which may also be used to clear the aura of each present in the circle, using a feather to waft the fragrance through the aura of each one present, bringing grounding and presence in the moment to all those who gather in the circle.
You are asked to call to the 4 directions at this point, dear ones. Place offerings in the place of the north, south, east and west in your central altar, and speak words of love and gratitude, each one in the circle, for the elements of air, water, fire and earth. It is your sincerity; your words from the heart in the moment, which bring Light and power into your ceremonies. Words voiced from the heart are more powerful always than the grandest of speeches! Your words from the heart, as the talking stick is passed around your sacred circle, bring power and Light into your ceremony - they are more important than any other element within your celebration.
The leader will then call in the Light from all-that-is-above, all-that-is-below, and finally all-that-is-within. This completes the call to the 7 sacred directions, and the setting of sacred space within the medicine wheel or sacred circle in which you have gathered.
Now comes a time in your ceremony where you choose what you wish to do within this sacred space. You may do a meditation – perhaps listening to the 11.11.11 meditation which has been given through Solara An-Ra, visualising and embodying yourselves as your golden Angel aspect, incarnated in your Light bodies here on Earth right here right now! Or perhaps or the ‘Octahedron of Love’ meditation, in which you connect with your Sun-Star and Gaia from a diamond of Light invoked around your energy body. Perhaps singing songs or chants to Gaia and her tribe; songs of praise and joy and gratitude which bring you into alignment with your desired goal of peace and unity seeded into your Earth plane.

We are with you always dear ones! Sisters and brothers of ours from the stars, we are with you as you celebrate the Solstice alignment - a time of great energetic potential for shifting your planet further into the light, bridged as it is between the eclipses of the new and full moons.

Pay attention to your emotions at the new and full moons also dear Light people - bring yourselves into balance through the Nadhi Shodanha breath meditation, so that you are not drawn into drama, into the world of illusion and chaos. Your reality is yours to choose. You may choose peace and joy - you may choose love and Light - you may choose unity and peace as your future on your planet of beauty. May it be so! Namaste.'