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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!



11.11.11 Transmission STAR COUNCILS OF LIGHT
through Solara An-Ra

Dearly beloved Earth people, we, the many tribes & nations of Light connected with you on this day of 11.11.11, stream to you unconditional love and energies of higher vibration than have ever reached your planet before. You are aware that the pictures of the yogis of old; that these wise leaders are depicted as transmitting sacred symbols such as the OM from the palms of their hands. This was a way of showing the people that pure powerful energy was being transmitted from these beings of Light. Energy can be transmitted through your hand chakras, yes – through your third eye, yes – but also through a streaming of energy from one person or nation to another. And we are here with you on this day to stream the energy of Unity Consciousness to you.

We have used, for some time now, the image of the One-Heart – of the turquoise crystalline diamond which shines from the hearts of all those who have chosen to feel themselves as one with one another; those who have chosen to transmit this energy to each other; those of you who understand that there are no longer ‘goodies’ or ‘baddies’ on your Earth plane, but simply people. Some are more evolved than others; some more awakened than others, this is true – but ultimately you are all human beings of the tribe of Gaia, all of you who have chosen to be here at this time. Therefore your willingness to experience yourself as one tribe – this is what succeeds in bringing Unity Consciousness onto your Earth plane.

There are many crystals which will be buried on this day – perhaps as you watch this from your home it will come into your awareness that there is one (or more) crystal within your place of home which desires to be returned to the Earth Mother now. It is not that all of these must be returned, but there are some, yes, that are willing to be returned into the belly of Gaia once more – particularly on this day - so that the many many hundreds of thousands upon the Earth plane who speak their affirmations of Love, Peace and Unity Consciousness for your tribe and your planet now – that these may be amplified through the crystals which are used, some of them buried into the body of Gaia once more.

Your planet is a revolving orb, is it not? It rotates and spins on its own axis, and it revolves around planetary bodies. And in the greater picture of things, your planet together with your Sun-star and all planets connected with your sun, are moving in the Greater Cycle around Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades system. Thus it is that not only Pleiadians but many many Star nations now gather to work with you in bringing your ascension into reality.

There are dates that are bandied about, but from our perspective this triple date vortex is one where more energy is transmitted onto the earth plane and more is received in order to transmute negative energies that have been within the fourth dimension of your planet than ever before! And we see this – this day; this 24 hour window – as the most powerful that has ever been on your planet in terms of your ascension.

On the other hand there is an integration period from this point onwards leading towards 2020 which will see the forming of great communities; the transmission of even more powerful energies from the Star beings who are incarnated on your planet now, into the Core Crystal of Gaia. And as the Core Crystal receives these transmissions in this time window towards 2020, She will be able to heal herself with less disruption to the planet.

More relevant in terms of disruption are the systems that have been held in place that are corrupt – and these systems will come crumbling down. You will not miss them once they are gone dear humans! Those of you who are attached to the banks and the monetary system as it has been, you will find such greater freedom; you will find such greater fairness; you will find such liberation in the disintegration of the financial institutions as they have been. Those of you who are attached to your governments and politics, you will find such greater freedom, mobility and true democracy in the communities and leaders that spring forth from this date!

You must let go of fear and clinging to the old ways that have been, and embrace the changes. As one more thing in your world crashes, CELEBRATE with great parties and coming together of tribe, speaking of the ways of fairness, equality, peace and balance; the ways of LOVE that will reign on your planet as the transition takes place! All is perfectly well in your worlds dear ones, and the time in which you see us, the time in which we speak with you face to face, this is coming closer also.

Ground yourselves; ground yourselves more often dear ones, with love! Use this mudra as it has been given - the heart within the diamond, grounding down into Gaia - and smile rather than frown as you achieve this connection with the great Mother who holds you in Her arms.

Use this 11.11.11 portal dear ones; use this portal to amplify your energies, and ensure that the energies which are prevalent within your physical & energy body shine the Light of Love & Unity Consciousness – that you may spread this to all who encounter your energy field.

In great love, we wish you NAMASTE. Know that within this greeting, one which acknowledges that ‘The Light in you sees the Light; acknowledges the Light; bows down to the Light in another’ – know that that this is one of the many greetings which will become a substitute for the meaninglessness of ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ on your planet. Use these salutations, sacred as they are – IN LAK’ESH ALA K’IN - NAMASTE - ALOHA – in this way, showing outwardly that you are a being of Love & Light, and that this is what you choose to transmit and therefore to receive also.

SOLARA: I will say Namaste also my dear tribe, on this blessed day of 11.11.11. Those of you who are on your own watching this, know that you are not alone, and that the love of your tribe on Gaia and of all of the Star nations and Celestial beings who are assisting us on this day, are with you!