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Teachings of Atlantis Part 1

The Brotherhood of Light: -
The White Brotherhood of Light are we. A group from whose inception in the golden era of Atlantis has been pivotal in determining how your evolutionary progress may be aided and where energies unfavourable to your evolutionary progress may be dissolved.
Earth beings of Light, pay attention now, as we bring our stories to you. Sit comfortable, ready to receive lessons from the Brotherhood of Light that originate in the Golden Era of Atlantis. These teachings and stories will bring into you rememberings that are necessary as you recreate the Golden Age on your planet now. It is necessary for you to understand that you already have the gifts that are needed to bring this into fruition, and that you are not to be waiting for others to show the way – for you are the showers of the way in this time.
Those of you who awaken sufficiently to understand that you are highly evolved already, and can access this state of ‘enlightenment’ if you like simply by practising remembering the Golden Age; by practising being your Highest Self – the highest version of yourself which is possible for you to emulate and embody. You, dear ones, hold within you codes of knowledge; ways of healing; of activating others; of reconnecting your planet; of bringing a higher vibration into your civilisation and your planet, that effectively recreates the fifth dimensional frequency which was attained in the era of Atlantis.
Cast your minds back , dear ones, now, closing your eyes. Cast your minds back to the time we have given in the meditation given (the 2012 meditation). A time in which humans lived in harmony with each other – co-creating that which would serve not only themselves but the entire civilisation; that which would serve the highest good of all. The term is used now by you enlightened ones, is it not? Wishing, desiring, manifesting that you create within your personal world that which is for your highest good, but – also for the highest good of all.
Think now, dear one, what ‘the highest good of all’ meant at that time – for it is exactly the same now on your planet! The ‘highest good of all’ means that all are able to use their gifts; they are encouraged to use their gifts and to stay in the flow of creativity which allows these gifts to blossom for the good of their tribe! For as you might imagine, when your creative gifts are flowing, so that you create art, music, ways of healing, ways of beauty – and share these with those around you, you are fed by the higher vibration that you bring through. And when these gifts are freely shared in a form of barter – in a system whereby your sharing of your gifts brings towards you the gifts of others that make your life complete.
So that those who are gifted at growing vegetables and working with the plant kingdom to bring forth knowledge of herbs that heal; foods that heal and that bring a higher vibration into the bodies of people, they work in this field. So that those who are gifted in bringing these foods into a higher vibration still through cooking with love – through making food in sacred ways, smiling love and appreciation into the foods as they prepare them – these ones work in this field, so that all that the civilisation eats is high vibrational. (This is possible now, even with foods that have been contaminated by the pollutions which have infiltrated the air, soil and water on your planet. This is true even of these – that working with them energetically while they are grown and while they cooked, will bring the highest vibration possible into these foods.)
Sharing of your gifts means that those who are inspired to heal others through teaching or laying on of hands, or working in the aura, or with sound or crystals, whatever it may be – they are encouraged, even those who are now small children are encouraged to work with these means to heal others and make them happier. One of the concepts which has been lost is that making people happy; bringing laughter and joy into the emotional fields of people heals their organs and physical bodies and not only their minds and emotions!  Children in general are gifted at making your giggle, at bringing spontaneity into interactions in the community, are they not?
And it is a time when children must be appreciated by all, whether they have physically given birth to them or not – a time where the children who are being born choose very specifically to come now. And parents should not even consider having children if they are not to be conceived and also birthed into their families with utmost joy and respect and gratitude for these beings. Many of you who are childless, and perhaps through your mature age will remain childless, you have a task also with the children! Allow yourselves, through your clear intention, to be brought into communities and situations where there are children of different ages, that you may bring your Light and wisdom to those who are destined to connect with you, for the Children of Light are such that they choose the beings who come into their sphere of influence. Many beings, who are not their given parents will influence and teach them, sometimes through actual lessons and other times merely through their way of being, or merely through the influence of the higher vibration that they hold. This is part of the reason that the children of today are so attracted towards the internet where they may learn from and commune with so many others across the globe, distance being dissolved in this way.
We return to speaking of the gifts that you learn to share and barter freely now. As you listen to this lesson, remember, Earth being of Light, that you have gifts to share. There are none who do not! There are none who are not gifted. You do not need to be a healer or spiritual teacher in order to consider yourself one with gifts to share. Your first gift to your human tribe has been your awakening! Awakening to the fact that you are more than flesh and blood; that you are a Light Being; an energy being, within and without your physical body, who communes with the energy of ALL-THAT-IS. This happens automatically! And you must choose to clear your energy; to focus your energy; to reconnect yourself vertically with Source energy above through the higher dimensions, and with Gaia-power below, through Gaia’s body and through connecting with her core crystal. When you are in vertical connection in this way, simply by commanding that you are so, you are able to bring forth these gifts more clearly.
We trust that you have enjoyed this first lesson in Atlantean remembering dear ones. We are allied with the Councils of the Light, the Star Beings who have been working for some time through Solara An-Ra – but we are also a new group with new vibration who bring to you these learnings from the golden era of Atlantis. So many of you resonate in joyful vibration at connecting with us once more, and at learning to remember that you already have everything that you need in order to be of service at this crucial time. Decide now, choose now whether you are prepared to give your life, your joy, your gifts, your Light and love, in service to your tribe – that you, the tribe of Gaia, may recreate this golden age which begins in this year of 2012. And so it is. Namaste.