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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!

Pleiadian Council of Light, on the eve of the full moon: -
Dearest Light Tribe of Gaia, how close we are to your hearts at this time - how wondrous is the Light that we shine together. We have worked together, you and we, at all the times of great change on your planet, seeding new ideas into your consciousness, assisting you when you allow us into your field, and celebrating with you each new step you take towards your wholeness and empowerment.
At this juncture you are once again at a time where the Goddess arises to save the day. The cycles of awakening and falling asleep occur when you move sometimes away from alignment with the Galactic Centre, and sometimes towards it. When you move into the darkness of the galactic night there is a forgetting about the power of the Divine Feminine; a forgetting about the Goddess energy which is necessary for life to be in balance on your planet. For all aspects of your beautiful planet are Goddess-infused, and when the men and women of Terra forget how to feel the Goddess within, a separation occurs between yourselves and your planet, and this heralds a path towards destruction.
Now is the time when you are fully awake once more, and it is possible for you to feel Gaia’s energy stirring in your bellies. She awakens your Goddess power and beauty, more so in the women of your tribe, but there is of course an aspect of this within the men who resonate with Her beauty also. She awakens your knowing of how to connect with her rhythms, how to feel her places of power where the electromagnetic current flows more strongly, how to speak with Her plants and animals, and how to heal yourselves through this connection.
At the New Moon you seed intentions; you activate your electrical Light Bodies in the increased starlight; you birth yourselves anew. And now at the full moon you celebrate all that has been achieved, and you absorb the magnetic lunar frequency so as to heal your wounds and reactivate your memories, stored within the Lunar body, of the Earth times that have been. These are the times of council, the times of the gathering of the elders. We are with you on this night as you make council and celebrate the arising of the Goddess on Gaia once more. And so it is. Namaste.