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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!

BBS Show on Chambers of Light
Councils of Light

First of all dear ones, we would like to explain the concept of Chambers of Light. The word ‘chamber’ means a small room or space, does it not? And in Atlantean times there were actual chambers made for the purpose of reenergising, initiating or balancing the one who entered the temple and chamber or in question. These were spaces in which one received some energetic transmission. We could compare this to you receiving healing, except that in this case the healing was not received from another person in that chamber, but from the energy grid which existed in that space.
Chambers of Light are such as these, except that a chamber is not required in order to benefit from the energy transmission which is given. The grid-like chamber is imbued with the particular frequency which is needed, so that if it is a ‘chamber of integration’ which is called for (which indeed is called for by Solara An-Ra’s tribe, who have just visited the sacred land of Egypt – they are all in their integration period) – when there have been great re-memberings of past lives; of old gifts; and when there have been great healings and shifts of energy within both physical and emotional, then it is of great benefit for you to be placed in a chamber of integration, for you to come into perfect balance once more.
Solara An-Ra is more familiar with asking for these from her Pleiadian friends, as they are so close to her, and in fact she has re-memberings of being in these chambers on the star system of the Pleiades, and on Alcyone, the central star itself. But there is essentially only the difference in the different skills in the Star nations in the chambers of Light that one may ask to receive. The Sirian Brotherhood of Light are experts in sacred geometry, and the chambers of Light which they gift are filled with this sacred geometry – lines of Light which are far more than a simple grid of energy in which you are placed, but wonderful geometric spirals and forms which shift and move through the chamber as you are placed therein.
And guess what, our dear star brothers and sisters – all that is truly necessary for you to receive one of these, is for you to ask – and for you to trust that it will be given. And that it is so. It is good for you to prepare yourselves, certainly. It is good for you to clear and focus yourself, and perhaps for you to lie down if you wish to be in it for a longer period of time.