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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Essentials for Your Transition

Light people of Terra, we bring you news from the stars. We are a collective - expanded to include the Brotherhood of Light, the Divine Emissaries from many star constellations and the energy of Kuthumi, who over-lights various aspects of your ascension now. We smile down in the form of energy precipitation upon your planet. We are at the point of fruition of this project that was seeded by the ascended masters many aeons ago. We have observed your planet and the many highs and lows of your human evolution from the very inception of what you consider time as it was birthed in your third dimension. And now we come to reiterate that what you have been waiting for is with you now – that the progress that you have sought to achieve on your planet regarding the transformation of your consciousness – this is birthing NOW, and not in the future.

Yes, you go through highs and lows as far as your stability, health and emotional status is concerned – but this is always to be expected at a time of such great transformation. As you look towards the December solstice on your planet – this time that has been heralded for so long as a new version of zero point - you must remember that your planet has come to this crossroads many time before. And you must allow your hearts to open in awe and gratitude - in absolute wonderment - at the realisation that where other civilisations have failed to come through the transition, your civilisation now succeeds!

2012 has seen many of you struggling to let go of old ways that no longer serve you, that no longer resonate with the Light codes that are seeded and being activated in your Light bodies, this you must know now - if you seek to awaken and come into perfect balance and enlightenment through searching upwards only in the direction of your guides and angels, and the higher dimensions and star people, you will not succeed in coming into the required state of consciousness. You MUST, absolutely must remember that it is the planet herself, and in particular at this time, the core crystal of your planet, that requires your attention - that needs to connect with you, and for you to connect with her.

For it is not only ‘As above, so below’, it is also ‘As below, so above’ – and this half of the equation is often forgotten by the Earth people of Gaia. The Core Crystal at this time is in a process of regeneration and she is assisted by the Star People, the Councils of Light, by Kuthumi, and by all of those within the Order of Melchizedek that are part of the Divine Plan for the transformation of your planet into a higher dimensional being. All of these rain energy down into the Core Crystal, so that she may regenerate and assist in the reactivation of all levels of Light Grids on your planet. But without your assistance – without your conscious connection with the Core Crystal, the plan cannot come to fruition effectively at this time.

The meditation which has been given for the 12.12.12 and 21st of December – this is one in which you spend time connecting through love, gratitude and respect with the Core Crystal – for this emotional connection is needed rather than any form of technical connection, you understand. Once your heart is open to the Core Crystal, and truly feeling her as a being, you are able to send energy down to assist her, which is just as effective as the energy that we send down to assist her. You will receive benefits untold from this action of yours – because as you connect on a One-Heart consciousness level with the Core Crystal, so she is able to activate you in such a way that you stay in 3-D while receiving higher dimensional codes. We ask you to practise the meditation given, in which your connection with and activation of the Core Crystal precedes your assisting Her with sending Her Light energy and healing vibration through the second, third and fourth dimensions. The healing of these 3 dimensions assists in the portal which is now in the process of creation, connecting the very core of your planet with the fifth dimensions and higher. This assists in the birthing which takes place now.

You are never alone, Light people of Terra. There are beings throughout the galaxy who are wishing you well and sending their love to you at this time! And do not forget about the Light tribe – the hundreds of thousands of human beings in whom the One-Heart is activated now. Consciously manifest the attraction of these into your life now. Keep your vibration high and stable through your spiritual practise, your conscious eating, making sure that your physical bodies are nurtured – for you cannot moved forward in your lives and be the agents of Light and change that you came onto the planet to be without your health and balance. We are with you, Light Tribe of Gaia. Namaste.