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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Message from the Star Councils of Light on the December Solstice 2012

Preparation for the OM FOR ASCENSION in Avebury Stone Circle - but equally relevant wherever you will be.

Light people of Terra, you are being magnetised towards the exact places that you need to be for this December Solstice of great import. The ancient sites were placed on your planet to act as acupuncture needles, harnessing Gaia’s energy through the ley lines present in order to creating a Light Grid above the planet - and these sites are calling to you now as the Light Grid is re-activated!

In the great Stone Circle of Avebury, those that collect on the banks to OM and sound your One-Heart frequency out into the ascension grid are assisting in making this place a coherent portal between the energies of heaven and earth. Our message to you now it is necessary to connect with this place energetically before the great OM. If you are not here in person before the day, you can do this using photographs of the Stone Circle, connecting energetically with her heart – the Goddess Heart which is here in Avebury. Simply do as instructed: -

1. Open your hearts in love and gratitude to Gaia, sending your grounding cords down into her heart.
Activate your prana tubes so that you receive prana assistance from Tzolk’in, the heart of your galaxy, and from the Core Crystal, the great being at the heart of Gaia.
3. Activate you One-Heart centres, thus:

a) Place one hand on Anahata, the personal heart chakra in the lower chest.
b) Place the other hand on Amun, the sacred heart in the upper chest.
c) Now bring your hands together over your One-Heart in the centre, ignited it through the command 'The One-Heart is ignited within me now!'.
As you ignite your One-Heart centre you move into resonance with all others on the planet in whom the One-Heart is awakened.
4. Connect with the sacred stone circle
, either while in the circle or from a distance with a photograph, through your One-Heart.

In this way, you connect with the Stone Circle in a state of One-Heart or Unity Consciousness, making your work on the day itself so much more powerful! Envisage yourselves, dear ones - hundreds of you, if not thousands, gathered on the banks of this great circle, singing the frequency of your One-Heart consciousness into this space - a star above the stone circle which acts as an ignition point, drawing in the energies of Glastonbury Tor, Stonehenge and all the sacred sites of Gaia, in order to re-ignite the Light grid in this place. Ripples of enlightened energy therefore move through the Light grid of Gaia, assisting all people in awakening! For is this not the task at hand? That not only those of you who are aware of these concepts now are awake – but that all on your planet are awake and aware of each other through the HEART and not through the mind - through the way of being that is one-ness, that knows the concept of WE ARE ALL ONE.

And so dear ones, we watch your work in assisting the reconnection of the energy of the stones in the outer and inner circles of Avebury. And we see through your future time-line the great OM that awakens this place fully. And we are so grateful and so IN-JOY at this prospect.

We are with you at all times! Star nations live within this circle, connect with you through these great stone portals. And so it is. Namaste.