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Message from the Star Councils of Light: Jan 2013

(Note from Solara An-Ra: ‘Terra’ refers to Planet Earth. The past, present & future are all spoken about in the present tense, as the Star People are looking through the time-line as they speak.)

Dear Light people of Gaia, hear our words. Some of you are tuned into and accessing the higher energies on your planet now, and are in a state of harmony and high vibration. Yet others are in distress at the apparent lack of change in your world following the solstice of 2012. To these ones we say, we hear your cries for help; we feel your desire to ‘come home’ or ‘be home’ on a planet which many times looks like hell to you – like a distortion of life in which cruelty and disharmony are still prevalent.

Let us begin by giving you an energy update. As we scan into the energy field of your planet, looking at the before, during and after stages of the solstice 2012 in your 3-D time-line, we see the following:

We see a great accumulation of Light hitting you in the latter stages of 2012. Some of this is being received from higher dimensions – indeed, some of this Light precipitation is being beamed from our sphere of influence to your 3-D world in the months leading up to the solstice. Yet more is activated through your own efforts – through your individual meditations and prayers, and through the many communal gatherings and world-wide meditations initiated by the Light leaders of your time. The pinnacle of this Light explosion through your One-Heart activations we experience at the 12.12.12 time window, during which a coloured force field of immense power streams into the Earth’s aura in an unprecedented explosion of Unity Consciousness. Many of you felt this unity, one with another, perhaps for the first time – and for you it was a most welcome feeling of having finally arrived at a place you have always longed for.

Moving to the actual time-line of the solstice, many different pockets of reality are discernible, and the overall shift of energy on the planet is not quite as high. The accumulation of fear thought-forms, emanating from the anxiety of what-might-be at this much anticipated date, cause pockets of darkness in the aura of the planet. These are in stark contrast to the great pillars of Light created through the many gatherings of Light people across the planet. There is a wave of Light energy we see moving around the orb of Terra, as groups project love and healing into the etheric realms of Earth – into the core crystal, into the nature grids of the planet, and into the fourth dimension also, which is the interface zone of connection between your old world and you unity with us.

Do not judge what we say here about the solstice of 2012 as a ‘fixed outcome’, for the point we make here is this - that we have always called the transformation that you are undergoing THE TRANSITION into the Age of Light. Think now on this word – transition. It means a ‘process of change, through time’. It is not and was never meant to be an instantaneous shift, from one moment to the next. The solstice of 2012 was never meant to be a point in time during which your reality changed in such a way that your new reality was then fixed, with nothing more to be healed or changed. Those of you who believed this are victims of the ‘saviour complex’ which was seeded on Earth to disempower you – to make you believe that you cannot control your own destinies, and need an outside force, greater, more powerful and intelligent than yourselves to save the day.

Let us reassure you that on the solstice there WAS an increase in the Light quotient on planet Terra – we simply reflect that it was not as great a change as occurred in the 12.12.12 time portal. This is because of the fear which surrounded this date for some people on your planet, much of this generated by the manipulators – combined with the confusion that many of you felt about what actually did or did not occur.

These ones, the disappointed ones, we now implore - learn to look inwards, into your own energy fields, before you judge whether there are changes afoot in the outside world. For until you master your own energy fields, you will not understand how to judge what is happening on your planet, or how to change things in the outer world you inhabit. Begin by practising the ‘Essential Daily Practises’ that we have given you – so that you master how to centre, ground, protect, charge, expand and align your own energies. These methods are simple – they are not advanced techniques which require initiation into an elite sect of spiritual aspirants. We teach you how to control your own energies so that you remain strong in mind, body and spirit, for all progress on Earth starts with your own individual progress. Without your health and integrity, there is no health and integrity possible for your planet.

There is also the matter of your extra-dimensional chakras - the energy centres which spin outside of your bodies and which are in the process of being activated now. Learn to work with these consciously - to identify with them and their purpose - so that you are more aligned with the New Earth which vibrates outside of time and space.

As for the present-time energies, in the dawning of 2013 … Dear people of Terra, if you could see what we see as your planet transits into a higher dimensional status, (and some of you DO see this), you would cry tears of joy at the wonders that you are able to manifest at this time on your planet. You ARE the change – you ARE the agents of your salvation! And you are doing it – you are succeeding in the healing of your world. You must simply know that this is so, and trust that you are in the process.

In this process of change you are learning to use your extra-sensory abilities to discern what is truth and what is less than truth. You are learning to sense, on meeting a new friend, what increment of Light they hold, and how it is possible to be in relationship with them without your force field being depleted. You are learning to trust that you are guided towards that which will serve you, and that that which does not serve you is made challenging to indicate that it is no longer in your best interests. As you take the baby steps or giant leaps in the right direction, you enter the flow of synchronicity that leads you forward. And so it is.

Trust that you are the change, Light people of Terra, and that your world is changing as you read this. The old structures are falling, old ways of deception and control are collapsing, and the new children of Earth will no longer allow ways of being which are not in integrity to hold sway. If you choose to blunder along, complaining that things are difficult and that nothing has changed, then this will be your reality – but your path will be rocky if you obstinately keep your blinkers on. Simply step through the fear of what might be if you choose to take chances, and to believe that it really is true that the Age of Light on Terra is dawning – and you will step out of the shadows of your own creation and into the Light of what is. And so it is.