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Keys to Nirvana

The Pleiadian Councils of Light, through Solara An-Ra

No 1 ~ Expand Your Field of Awareness

Nirvana is racing towards you, dear ones ~ your union with your true bliss-ful nature accelerating towards you in each moment. It is only your resistance to letting go of your old lives and habits that block you from entering that state of bliss right now! For in these times there are 2 realities playing out concurrently ~ the reality of chaos and negativity, or that of love and peace.

The first reality, one of chaos, scarcity and fear, has been created by those who cling onto their control agenda, keeping the masses enslaved through manipulation of the media, the churches, the banks and the governments. If you are unwilling to be autonomous, self-governing, a free thinker creating your own reality, then you are under their control. Your inability to control your emotions has left you open to their manipulation ~ to overcome this, simply know that you are the only ones who can choose what you feel and experience. You are multi-dimensional masters in humanoid suits ~ the time is now to remember this.

The alternative reality, one in which people are loving, cooperative and peaceful, is birthing all around you, visible if you have eyes to see. It is a world where human beings are moving into a heart-centred consciousness rather than the primitive fear-based consciousness which has predominated for centuries. In this Aquarian age it is your destiny to become heart-centred beings. Let us assist you now, with some practical guidance.

Firstly, may we recommend that you take yourselves less seriously? Rather than obsessing all day about your life, your body, your health, your relationships, your issues, take time out as often as possible to open your field of awareness ~ by looking around, marvelling at the majesty of the natural world. Gaze, for instance, at the panoramic sky with its magic moving canopy of clouds, sunshine, rain, winds, stars and the celestial moon and sun which predominate in your heavens. All aspects of the natural world are awesome and grand ~ tuning into their beauty and perfection diminishes your sense of self-importance and assists in balancing your energy. When the ego dominates your attention is riveted inwards, obsessing over your needs, your desire to be in control; to be liked, admired, praised and seen as successful. This is solar plexus-orientated behaviour, rooted in the separation consciousness of the Piscean Age.

When you choose, on the other hand, to expand your field of awareness, seeing yourself as a child of Gaia, one of the millions of creatures under her guardianship, no bigger or more important than any other ~ this naturally dissolves the illusion of your self-importance. It is one of the keys to self-mastery, bringing you closer to the truth of who you are. Who are you? You are part of the Divine play acting out in your world; a Divine agent who chose to incarnate at this time to assist all other beings to realise their Divine nature.

And so, you see the apparent contradiction dear ones ~ how experiencing yourselves as tiny, humble aspects in the magnificent Universe brings you into an experience of your greatness. You are expressions of the God-force to whom you owe your existence ~ and are therefore LOVE incarnate.

And so it is. Namaste.

Key No 2