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Keys to Nirvana: 2 ~ Expand Your Field of Awareness Inwards

The Pleiadian Councils of Light, over-lighted by Babaji

In the first key we have spoken of a simple way to expand your consciousness outwards into the majesty of the natural world, in order to lessen the hold of your ego-mind on your perception of reality. This technique, practised diligently, works on myriad levels. It increases humility, a state of being in which your sense of self-importance diminishes. It eradicates separation consciousness, as you become more aware of the bigger picture and of yourself as part of the whole. And beyond these 2 advantages, fundamental to this practise, are the feelings that are stimulated through gazing at the mystery and beauty of the natural world ~ the feelings of awe, joy, love and gratitude. Positive feelings or emotions raise your vibration and therefore your level of consciousness. As you learn to entrain your emotions into positivity, you literally become more intelligent, more astute, more discerning ~ and the manipulators lose their hold over you, as you become impossible to manipulate.
Think on this, dear ones, and make the effort to truly absorb our message. The choice is yours to make, right here right now ~ to keep your nose to the grindstone on the treadmill of your boring lives, unmotivated, restless and trapped in a meaningless routine of survival ~ or to train yourselves to expand your consciousness and raise your vibration, so that you are energetically clear and sharp enough to stay free of manipulation. The methods we give are simple and do not require intensive studies ~ yet they will free you of the urge to escape reality through destructive addictions and mind-numbing television. We will repeat the first key: take time out as often as possible to open your field of awareness ~ by looking around, marvelling at the majesty of the natural world. This you can practise even while engaged in your usual activities such as driving, walking, shopping and eating. If you work in an office you can expand your awareness into the sky or trees outside the window. You can achieve expansion simply by thinking about the natural world, even from a darkened prison cell. Such is the magic of your mind, when used consciously.
We speak now on the second key: expansion of consciousness in an inward direction ~ commonly called meditation. We teach simple ways to practise this much sought after experience, through entering the alternative reality within. Within you is a world of infinite space and potential, indeed as grand and awesome as the universe itself ~ and this world is easier to access than you have been conditioned to believe.
When you sit still and close your eyes, blocking the external stimulation of the outside world, your first inclination is to move into the world of your thoughts. This does not result in expansion; rather it perpetuates the habitual domination of your mind. The desired option, after closing your eyes, is to experience yourself as a being greater than your mind. Focussing on your breath and conscious control of your breath is the simplest way to achieve this, for awareness of your breath is the doorway to your perception of yourself as energy.
With your eyes and mouth closed, a soft smile on your face, focus through your senses on your breath, using one or more of these methods:
1.      Concentrate on the enjoyable sensation of your breath as it enters and exits your nose, and the feeling of expansion in your belly with the in-breath. Mentally say YES to life, to health, to expansion, with every in-breath. Mentally LET GO with every out-breath, without needing to analyse what you are letting go of, so that the out-breath brings a deep relaxation into your body and being.
2.      Focus on the internal sound of your breathe as it moves through your throat, a sacred sound which has the potential to lead you into an experience of peace. Compress your throat passage slightly so that you hear the sound of ocean waves emanating from your throat. This technique, the UJAI breath, is an extremely simple yet powerful method of entraining your focus inwards. 5 minutes of Ujai breathing will still your mind and bring you into a state of peace at any time of day.
3.     Use your inner vision to perceive the prana within your breath, the golden-white liquid Light of Source which permeates your body with each inhalation. In this visualisation you feel yourselves with every breath as more Light-filled, more radiant ~ and your knowing that the God-force is breathing through you assists in your perception of yourself as energy. You may also visualise this Light moving out into the space around you with every out-breath, knowing that as you charge yourself with Light and become more radiant, you are also sharing this Light with the world around you, raising the vibration of the whole planet.
We assure you that even methods as simple as these have the power to raise your vibration exponentially. There are an infinite number of meditation techniques that will train your mind to be more still ~ but we recommend pranayama techniques above all else because they teach conscious breathing ~ a physical means to achieve both energy perception and energy expansion, especially when combined with the visualisations and mental directions we have given. With these methods you are training your mind to be a useful tool rather than an impediment to your evolution; you are training your inner perception & vision, awakening your extra-sensory perception; and you are raising your vibration through the positive feelings and thoughts you will experience. We repeat: positive feelings or emotions raise your vibration and therefore your level of consciousness.
And finally, while experiencing this inwards expansion, you will come to the realisation that there is no difference between inwards and outwards expansion, for one automatically leads to the other! The inner world is a hologram of the outer world ~ heaven is within and without. And so it is. Namaste.