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Activating Your Star Codes & 12-strand DNA    


The Star Councils of Light, through Solara An-Ra (June 2015)

Dear Earth Tribe, we come with words of encouragement at this solstice portal. You, all human beings, are in a process of expansion. This is another way of saying that you are evolving, because evolution will always incorporate expansion – a getting bigger; your world getting bigger; your minds opening to new ideas and concepts, to new frequencies. Your chakras open as you clear wounds – and thus your energy fields expand & activate, as your star codes download.

We will speak now, dear ones, about your star codes, for there is a lack of knowledge about the codes within your energy field and greater Light Body. You are blue-printed; programmed, as such, to be multi-dimensional masters ~ you have the ability to hold higher dimensional frequencies. You have the ability to communicate telepathically as we, the star councils and people, do. You have the ability to move from physical to Light Body or energy, at will. You have abilities far beyond your present capacities or understandings, and these are coded into you genetically. The first coding comes within your DNA strands on a cellular, atomic level, and the activation of this is always part of your expansion ~ it happens internally, inside your physical body, and the reaction is experienced and activated in your aura and greater Light Body.

How do your codes get activated? Your activation is synchronised through your energetic connection with Gaia. Your multi-dimensional being is plugged simultaneously into the core crystal below and the Great Central Sun above – this is the 9 dimensional system of which you are a part. The centre of this system is the 5th dimension, which is like the heart chakra of your galaxy; it is the centre in galactic terms of all higher and lower frequency bands. You are evolving or ascending from third dimensional into fifth – into the heart centre. As you progress through the Age of Aquarius, you are already capable of holding 5th dimensional frequency. When you are in the ONE-HEART state, resonating with all others in a state of open heart, your fifth-dimensional heart chakras are being activated.

And so, the light and energy which activates you from above and below activates your 12 chakra system. As your 12 chakra system is activated, so the spin of these 12, in unison, begins to spin the filaments of your 12 strands of DNA into activation. This you can visualise as light strands coalescing within your cells – strands coming into life – being en-lightened – starting to hold light and spinning. They spin and coalesce into activation. Once a strand of DNA is activated, it is not possible for it to be deactivated.

Many of you, dear ones, are activated to levels between 3 and 6 strands of DNA. You are being made aware of the solstice energies in order to progress further in terms of DNA activation. The easiest way to do this is to focus on the 12 chakras and visualise them spinning in unison. Even more effective is to do this while physically spinning to the right. It does not matter what time of day you spin, or how many times you spin. Spinning to the right while focussing on the 12 chakras; 3 above, 7 within and 2 below, will assist in the coalescing of your DNA strands.

You are not able to expand without a true grounding connection with your mother planet. She works in synchronisation with the higher forces. Your Great Mother is aware of your physical body; of your strength - she is aware of your limitations also. Imagine a mother who is in contact with your physical well-being aware of how you function and able to assist you when your body is not functioning well. Imagine that simply holding you in her arms is enough to bring you into physical integrity. Imagine that as you open your heart to the mother and love her back, so you are guided; so you are more in tune with your physical aspect, and listening to your body and what your body wishes. And this is significant in terms of spiritual evolution and expansion. Do not focus always on the sky, on the masters and to the stars, but focus equally on below, on your Earth Mother and your connection to her, her ability to heal you.  Focus also on your Gaia Portal chakra – the chakra below your feet which spins into activation as you are aware with each step that you take on the Earth planet, of the connection between yourself and the Earth Mother.

We repeat; you are in the process of expansion! Think now about whether this is an attractive concept for you. Do you wish to expand – to become a greater, lighter, more radiant, joyful, flowing version of yourself ~ or would you rather stay small, insignificant, in the box, invisible, trapped, fearful? Do you choose fear/contraction – or do you choose love, which is expansion? The choice is yours, dear ones. If you are in resistance, you are moving towards contraction. You can overcome this resistance simply by being joyful, by being light, by choosing to do things that you love – this will move you naturally into love, into expansion, into gratitude. Do not think about this as hard work – simply choose to have more fun, simply choose to enjoy yourself – choose to bring yourself into the present moment more and more.

And finally - there is no spiritual progress or expansion available without open heart – the heart is the key. From your centre point; from your heart, open to the higher energies on all levels. Focus on your hearts now, dear ones, letting go of the technicalities that we have spoken of ~ knowing that as you come into your centre, into your heart, as you practise being more in the now, now, now moment and as you allow yourselves to have fun, to be free, like children once more ~ your healing, your evolution, your expansion & your activation will come naturally.

We are with you through this process, we appreciate your energy. We enjoy being with your energy. We feel when you allow our words to truly enter your consciousness and activate you. We are aware of your energy, your love, streaming back – for always, as you give love, so you receive – thus it is with us, thus it is with you, the earth nations. And So It Is. Namaste.