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Pleiadian Transmission October 2009

Grounding into Gaia

I made a video for this transmission just because I was feeling joyful and creative - but please also download the meditation here to do with your eyes closed. It is one of many channelled processes and transmissions from my new double-CD-plus-book project called 'Ascension in the Palm of your Hand'

Written version

Pleiadian Transmission: Grounding into Gaia: 22 October 2009

Dearest Peoples of Terra, as we stream our thoughts and loving energy from our dimension into yours, we see the awesome beauty of your planet, and we speak today on the necessity of connecting deeply with her as part of your ascension process.

The majority of you who hear these words are on the path of awakening, and within your process you have incorporated the concept of ‘grounding.’ You understand that it is necessary to ‘have your feet on the ground’ in order for your spiritual paths to unfold – but there is a deeper understanding of this that we impart now. Your willingness to hear our words, and more significantly, to act upon them, brings so much joy in our dimension. We indeed see you incorporating these teachings into your beings already, as we can project along your time-line into your future, and we thank you in advance for your openness and willingness to learn new ways that bring joy and power!

We have spoken on ‘vertical connection’; on your ability to connect upwards into the heart of your galaxy and downwards into the heart of Gaia. We observe that many children of the Light on Terra have a preference for connecting in the upward direction. Many of you have experienced deep loneliness and isolation on your planet, and for some this has included a knowing that your ‘home’ is in a particular location in the star systems or higher dimensions, which leads you to you look upwards for connection.

We say now that the pain you have experienced is not necessarily because you do not belong on Terra - for you have chosen to be here at this exact time through your love for her!  The majority of you have however been disconnected from her through the ploys of the Manipulators, and the time is now for your joyful reconnection with her.

Close your eyes now, and breathe deeply. Draw your awareness into your heart centre in your chest, and expand into love. Use your breath to open into a love state, feeling a warm soft expansive energy opening in your chest. Bring your focus into your bellies now, into the second chakra. Experience that as a vibrant orange vortex in the centre of your bellies.

Now place your awareness below you, moving deep into the Earth, moving through her crystal caves and her beautiful inner worlds of fire and water and light. Find yourselves in her heart now, experiencing the immense power and beauty of her massive crystalline core. Hold both places in your awareness simultaneously now – your second chakra in your belly, your creative source – and the crystalline core, the creative source of Gaia.

Create a grounding cord made out of Light and send it down now, from your belly into the core. It travels from your second chakra through the first chakra and down through the Earth in seconds, magnetically drawn into the huge iron core crystal. See this in your inner vision and feel it in your whole body.

Your body now feels heavier and more relaxed, as you go into magnetic resonance with the core crystal. The iron crystals in your blood pulse with the crystalline iron core, and your body may rock or pulse as this happens. An immense feeling of safety and trust envelops you as you make this ancient connection with the great Mother. This is part of the reason you have incarnated in a body at this time – so that you can feel your resonance with Gaia’s core and choose to evolve with her into the 5th dimension.

Send your love and gratitude to her now – pour your love and gratitude into her core. Feel love and healing flooding up through your grounding cord in response. Allow the power and strength of the great mother to heal your wounds and insecurities now.

Understand dear ones – you cannot ascend without connection with Gaia. Know that as your world collapses in it’s old form and rebirths itself, the love and protection of Gaia is with you.