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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Multi-Dimensional Healing Intensive

with Solara An-Ra & the Star Councils of Light

@ Casa Solara, Ibiza

26, 27, 28 September 2018

Wed 26: 6 - 9pm
Thurs 27: 9am - 1pm, 6.30 - 9.30pm
Fri 28: 9am - 1pm, 6.30 - 9.30pm

(See the special offer below for combined Channelling & Healing courses,
plus 7 nights accommodation: 22 - 28 Sept 2018 inclusive)

The time is now for Solara An-Ra to teach the amazing
healing tools she has been gifted from her Star guides since she received her first Pleiadian initiation in 2007. She is passing these skills on in the form of this 3-day course, suitable for both beginners who KNOW they are meant to heal, and those who have some healing experience.

There will be a certain amount of preparation before the course,  in the form of notes to study, which will take longer if you have no knowledge of the chakras, etc.

This form of healing incorporates the following techniques (but remember, you will not necessarily end up using all of these - your healing gifts are individual and will become clear as the course goes on): -

  • Sound healing - particularly through the voice, and working specifically to open/clear/connect chakras. This skill is truly Pleiadian magic - you do not need to be able to sing! Some of you will channel through the Hathors also, and/or will bring through 'Language of Light'.
  • Psychic Surgery
  • Chakra/energy body healing - working in the energy field and also with the 13 chakras, including the Sacred Heart chakra & the Cosmic & Earth Star Chakras at the top and bottom of the aura.
  • Craniosacral 'listening' skill - this involves moving yourself into a centred, meditative state, and then receiving information from the body itself through your hands and your senses. It is the opposite of 'channelling energy' into the client's body, as is done in Reiki (although that is also great!)
  • Pleiadian/Arcturian/Sirian Chambers of Light - placing the client in a 'Chamber of Light' which holds a certain grid frequency according to what is needed in that particular healing.
  • Channelling messages from your Higher Self, your guides or the client's guides during the session. (You do not need to be 'a channel' in order to learn how to do this, but it does help to have done the channelling course if this feels like it's on your path).

In preparation for the course please listen to all 3 chakra webinars, here.
You will need to be familiar with the 'Pleiadian Essential Daily Practices' meditation and have practiced it consistently in the month leading up to the course (try all 3 versions to see which one you like best). This is free to download here .

It will help to have done the 'Opening to Channel' course with Solara An-Ra previous to this course, but it is not a requirement. You can also do the online (or CD) course by the same name. Students are asked not to take any alcohol or drugs (other than prescribed) while on the course and for the week leading up to it.

Accommodation @ Casa Solara includes help-yourself breakfast.
Healthy vegetarian lunch and dinner is provided @12 euros per meal.
Extra nights are 40 euros per night (sharing) or 70 per night for a private room.

Healing Workshop full payment: 399 Make payment with PayPal
Healing Workshop plus 3 nights Accommodation (shared): €520 Make payment with PayPal
2 Workshops plus 7 nights Accommodation (shared): €999        
Make payment with PayPal
Payment plan: 250 per month over 4 months
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The Time Is Now for the healers to step into their power,allowing their star-seeded gifts to shine through, healing the people of Gaia!



THANK YOU Solara for faciliating this wonderful workshop, and especially for your lovely way to teach us, hold us up and guide us all. Like Michael said, it was through your attraction of these energies that I had my experience and I´m thankful for that. Love Marcus (Stockholm)
Dear Solara, what an amazing healing  course! I was so delighted to be part of a group with such amazing young Crystal woman - you are just the right person to assist them in their awakening and journey ahead. I have started using some of the skills I learnt with great success, combining it with my massage. One of my client's who is working through some major life changes has booked more appointments for the massage and healing combo, which is fab. Szaphiel xxxxx
Dear Solara, beautiful Goddess that you are, I thank you with all of my heart for facilitating such a multidimensional awakening for us all. The course helped me to realise the power which I hold, which is transmitted not by that which I do but that which I AM. Sometimes it is so easy to slip into self criticism for the things I could have done or 'should ' have done or be doing but in your presence and the presence of the group it has awakened in me a deep knowing that all I need to do is BE. I have known this for along time but since the course I feel more in tune and able to embody it. Through the power of my One Heart, I can go forth in the joy of connecting with the One Heart of all other beings knowing that in that action I am truly being of service.
Thank you to you all for such a Divine 3 days together. It was such an expansive experience, on all levels and I feel so honoured to have shared it with such beautiful souls. It was truly a wonderful feeling of coming home, of acceptance and of knowing. Knowing that we are all here with such purpose. That we have exactly what we need and that everytime we choose to shine not only do we aid the activation of those who sleep but of each other. What better way to reacquaint ourselves with our Soul Star Chakras than to be with Soul family! Infinite love, thanks and a thousand smiles to you all, Maya xxxxxxxx