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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Egypt ~ World Service Journey

Restoring the Original Template of Integrity to the

Chakra Temples of the Nile

March 2019 (dates to be confirmed)

Please email to apply

1,999 euros ~ The Journey of a lifetime, including a luxury Nile Cruise & private entrances to the Great Pyramid, Sphinx, Isis & Karnak Temples!

Our Nile Cruise Ship Docking at Kom Ombo Temple

The price covers: -

  • 9 nights' accommodation ~ 6 nights in 5-star hotels plus 3 nights on a 5-Star Nile Cruise
  • All breakfasts, 5 dinners, 5 lunches
  • Personal meeting in Cairo airport, assistance with visas, transfers to & from your hotel
  • 2 internal flights & all other internal transport
  • Private entrance to the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, the Isis Temple & Karnak 
  • Temple entrance fees
  • Daily channelled guidance, meditations & activations from Solara An-Ra, including an initiation into Babaji's Cosmic Cobra Breath

Not Included: international flights, visa on arrival ($25), some meals, occassional tips

Join Solara An-Ra, her host of higher-dimensional guides and your own Soul-Star family in this unforgettable journey through the Sacred Temples of the Nile. The ancient Egyptians believed that the River Nile represented the backbone of the human body, and contructed the amazing temples along the axis to hold the archetypal energies of the Gods & Goddesses that represent the chakras. Our journey through the chakra temples activates our potential to become fully realised through healing those aspects of our psyche that have held us back, sometimes lifetime after lifetime.

Above and beyond our personal healing, the calling to join this pilgrimage comes from past & present life contracts we have made to restore the 'original template of integrity' - the Blue Field of Christed Consciousness which used to transmit from the sacred temples of the majestic River Nile. Stored in our collective consciousness is a memory of the enlightened age of ancient Egypt during which many of us - as priests and priestesses of the Order of Melchizedek - succeeded in both activating and maintaining this field of Unity Consciousness, which beamed out to all other sacred sites across our planet, raising the global consciousness. With the corruption of the civilization, the Blue Field collapsed, and we are returning to Khem, right here, right now, to reconnect the temples with the Christ Consciousness Grid. And so It Is!

Itinerary to be announced

(the itinerary was for the last trip - please be patient while we organise for the next trip)

Day 1 (22nd): We begin our journey with dinner together – meet in the hotel dining room at 7pm, followed by our first group meeting at around 8pm. We will receive information on both our collective and individual purpose in the ancient land that our ancestors called Khem.

Hotel for 22nd, 23rd, 24th: Cairo Pyramids Hotel: +20 233772555

Day 2 (23rd): After breakfast we visit Saqqara, the throat chakra, and home of the most ancient step pyramids in Egypt. Saqqara is aligned with the God Thoth - the enlightened communicator, holy scribe & wisdom keeper. The temple, when activated, opens a portal to communication, integrity and truth. After lunch at a local restaurant we explore the Egyptian Museum, where we will stand in communion with magnificent treasures including Tutankhamen's famous Golden Mask.
Day 3 (24th): At dawn we experience an amazing PRIVATE ENTRANCE in the Sphinx & Great Pyramid of Giza. The Sphinx is a portal to opening psychic/extra-sensory perception. The 'Hall of Records' said to be hidden under the Sphinx is in fact accessible to us through going into states of higher meditation and expanded consciousness. The Great Pyramid allows journeying on the astral plane, in order to experience the higher dimensions that overlap our third dimensional world.
Day 4 (25th): Our early morning flight takes us to the very southernmost point of Lake Nasser, Abu Simbel. Here we pay homage to the Great temples of Abu Simbel & Hathor, known also as the Temple of Queen Nefertari. We then transfer by air-conditioned bus to Aswan, the root chakra of the great river, known as a place of re-birthing and new beginnings.

Hotel: Helnan Aswan Hotel: +20 982328828
Day 5 (26th): Today we sail on a traditional felucca to our PRIVATE ENTRANCE in the Temple of Isis at Philae ~ a sacred place known to open not only the heart but the entire chakra system. We then check in to our luxury Nile Cruiser, our floating home for the next 3 nights. In the afternoon we sail around the Kitchener & Elephantine Islands, and onto to a Nubian village where we will have dinner and learn about Nubian culture.
26th, 27th, 28th: CRUISE SHIP
Day 6 (27th): While enjoying breakfast we cruise to Kom Ombo Temple, the sacral chakra of the Nile, dedicated to Sobek the crocodile God and Horus, the Falcon-headed God. Kom Ombo represents the battle between our lower and higher selves, between the light and the dark, and how to integrate these aspects of ourselves. The ancient Egyptians came to this temple to overcome negativity and fear, through swimming with the crocodiles in an underground crypt (as mentioned in Drunvalo's second Flower of Life book.)
Day 7 (28th): Today we visit Edfu Temple, still in the area of the sacral chakra - where we see the theme of good against evil once more in the story of Isis, Osiris, Set & Horus which is depicted on the temple walls. In the story, Horus eventually overcomes his lower self/evil through a series of challenges - just as we do in our own journeys. We then sail onto Luxor, home of the Solar Plexus chakra. 
Day 8 (29th): After breakfast we will explore the wondrous Valley of the Kings, the Pharos gateway to the afterlife. After lunch and a rest we have an early evening PRIVATE ENTRANCE to the amazing complex of Karnak, also associated with the Solar Plexus, where we will enter the tiny Sanctuary of the Goddess Sekhmet – she who bestows courage and power to those who are willing and able to embrace it.
Hotel: Luxor Steignberger Nile Palace: +20 952366999
Day 9 (30th): We enjoy a full-day trip to visit Dendara & Abydos, the combined Heart Chakra of the Nile, and a pivotal part of our journey. Dendara is dedicated to Hathor, the Goddess of love and joy. Ancient Egyptians believed that when the heart is open, our spiritual selves are revealed - And So It Is! Abydos, home to the famous Flower of Life engraving, is linked to the death and rebirth of Osiris, manifested through Isis' unconditional love. In the evening we fly north again to complete our journey where we began, on the Giza plateau.
Hotel: Cairo Pyramids Hotel: +20 233772555

Day 10 (31st): Breakfast at the hotel, free time, check-outs and transfers to the airport.

Above: the Temple of Isis, a place of Initiation

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             Camel Ride on the Giza plateau                                      Luxor Temple at Sunset

Stunning Reliefs on the Chakra Temple Walls


                  The Amazing Statues @ Karnak                     A Temple Guard @ Dendara Temple

The Time Is Now!


Recommendations from Egypt January 2018


My dear Solara An-Ra, thank you SO very much for taking us to Egypt and expending your energy for us all with love, kindness and always humour. This trip has left a deep mark on me, my inner connection especially with Sekhmet has ingrained itself into me. My heartfelt thanks and gentle, loving hugs. I love you very much Solara. You are a truly blessed soul. Love Amina
Dearest Solara:  I have to tell you that this Egypt trip, for me, exceeded my expectations!  So  Magical!! My experience was being in bliss all  the time.  I had no specifically reincarnations rememberance, though I definitely had the rememberance of having lived in so many lives and temples that we visited. One special one was at Sekhmet temple in Karnak. Just before entering in her chamber, I felt the walls and floor trembling. We enter her chamber and while with my full intention of setting her, renewing her, renovating her with more energy by  feeling her all drained of her natural vibration from the Mighty Father, and light from the above... my wings opened and glorious energy started flowing and showering between Sekhmet and me. After that, I received a message from her to come back to her when nobody was there. I went ahead and stood in front of her statue presence, touching her heart and felt that I was drawn into a vortex. This has never happened to me before.... It was so strong that I thought the statue was falling and I kept holding her so the statue would not fall but It was me that was going through the vortex. It was so strong that I had to let go and then, realize what had happened. When you all moved away and,everyone left, I came back sat in the lotus position in front of her with eyes closed waiting for her sign, I  open my eyes and saw that her eyes where two rays of fire on top of me, she was ignited.  Those rays were so potent exchanging within my eyes..  Then she said:  "It is Completed!" "Thank you!"  I do not know what she Thank me for...  While being in the lake, do you remember that we were all together holding hands and you were speaking near the lake, I looked up to the temple and saw two openings in the temple like windows fired up, It seemed like theret was a fire inside the temple.  I smiled and it felt so normal for me to see her energy glowing, as I was accustomed to it. 
Up to now,  I wake up with her fired eyes waking me up.
Than you Solara An Ra for bestowing me such a wonderful rememberance experience! Love Belkis