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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


 Activating our Multidimensional Blueprint
in  Machu Picchu & the Sacred Valley

9 days of Peruvian adventure, practice, guidance & activations
with Solara An-Ra & the Star Councils of Light

5 - 14 November 2018

1,888 euros

Includes: 9 nights accommodation (2 per room), airport pick-up & transfer, 2 meals per day, all internal trains & buses, entrance fees to all sacred sites (including 2 days in Machu Picchu), indigenous guides, tuition & activations with Solara An-Ra, and powerful ceremonies with Q'ero shamans.
Single room supplement US$ 290 (240 euros)

Doesn't include: Flights to Lima,  internal flights between Lima to Cusco (where we begin).
Optional San Pedro ceremony on day 4: cost 130 euros (scroll to the end of page)
Specific optional mountain hikes in Machu Piccu (goverment controlled): cost 50 euros
Deposit to reserve your place: 888 euros
(transfer details will be given)
Balance 1,000 euros

A Message from the guides:
"The sacred places of power are calling those who are consciously on their path of awakening. The time is now to experience the true essence of these temples, rather than  experiencing them from the outer 5 senses only. It is time for the reconnection of your codes – those etheric crystalline sacred geometry structures which allow you access into the higher planes of existence simultaneously. This reconnection happens also within your DNA – within the restructuring of your body, which affects the electrical circuitry of not only your nervous system but your geometric Light Body.

Join this pilgrimage with this clear intention – to reawaken your full powers – to reconnect yourself on a multi-dimensional level. That you may see through the veils that have been, that you may awaken to your own power and glory as multi-dimensional being – that you may connect truly with Terra, your Earth planet - and that you may therefore awaken others in this exponential activation which moves like a wave of acceleration across your globe now!
Of course, you are travelling into this multi-dimensional portal not only for your own activation, but to be of service to Gaia also - you are part of the tribe of awakeners whose mission is to reconnect the energies of the sacred sites which once worked together to create a grid of higher dimensional portals across the globe, assisting the people of Terra to raise in consciousness. YOU ARE THE AWAKENERS! You are called to the sacred valley to weave your magic and seed your star codes into Gaia’s fifth dimensional essence. We are greatly appreciative of your willingness to be of service in this way. The Time Is Now!”


All international flights to Peru arrive in Lima. We start and end our journey in Cusco, a short internal flight from Lima. I would advise arriving in Cusco 1 or 2 days early if possible to give you time to get used to the high altitude. If you can't, that is also ok :) It is preferable to book the 2 internal flights at the same time as your flight to Lima.


HOTELS 5 - 13 November 2018

5/6: Hotel Garcilaso II, Calle Garcilaso 285 CUSCO

7/8/9:  Hotel Hatun Valley URUBAMBA
10/11: Hotel Terraza de Luna MACHU PICCHU
Hotel Garcilaso II, Calle Garcilaso 285 CUSCO

Day 1: 5th November - Guidance Session
O/N Cusco ~ 2 nights

Pick-up from Cusco airport & transfer to our hotel.  Check out the wonderful town of Cusco surrounded by the mountains of the sacred valley, chill out and acclimate.

Our first official group meeting is dinner at a restaurant in town (leaving the hotel at 6pm) followed by our opening circle and guidance session in our hotel.

Meals included:
(if you are already in the hotel because you came early) & dinner

Day 2:
6th November - Saqsayhuaman, Q'ero Ceremony (O/N Cusco)

In the morning we will participate in a Ceremony of Unity/Coca Leaves with Q'ero shamans in the mountains. We willask for the protection of Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the Apus (Mountain Spirit) during our journey - followed by a guided tour of the Saqsayhuaman sacred temple ruins.

Group lunch in town followed by meditation and Light Body Activation session with the Star Councils of Light through Solara. 17.30: free time for dinner, early to bed :)

Meals included: Breakfast & lunch

Day 3: 7th November - Moras & Mornay O/N URUBAMBA 3 nights

This morning we head off the beaten path in our private bus to two unique sites located between Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Our first stop is Moray, which is the oldest Inca archaeological site in the world, known as a horticultural spiritual experimental center. Solara has experienced this site as an inter-dimensional portal, sited above the remains of a City of Light crystal pyramid. Next we visit Maras, the site of a wonderful series of pre-Inca geometric salt ponds. Check into our lovely Urubamba hotel where we will bathe in the Sacred Valley energies for the next 3 nights. 

Afternoon: free time, followed by 7pm group dinner at our resort and meditation before bed-time.
Meals included: Breakfast & dinner

Samanpaq Hotel in Urubamba

Day 4: 8th November - Sacred Valley, Pisac (O/N Urubamba)

Optional San Pedro Ceremony. * (Scroll to end of page for details)
Those not partaking will have free time to chill out or explore Urubamba town, go horse riding, or hiking in the sacred valley.
18.00: Group dinner
followed by
 19.00: guidance around the fire.

Meals included: Breakfast & dinner

Pisac Market & Archeological Site








Day 5: 9th November - Ceremony (O/N Urubamba)

Today at 09.00 our Q'ero shamans join us at our retreat centre to lead the Ceremony and Offering to Pachamama (a gratitude ceremony.) This is the most important of all Andean rituals. When performed, we unify our life with Mother Earth, God and the Universal Order. We correctly order all aspects of our lives, from the physical, mental, spiritual and material, and in doing so achieve a high level of vitality, courage, wisdom and passion. Our new order and happiness are shared with all those who surround us.

At 11.00 we head off into the beautiful Peruvian countryside, home to several royal estates of the Incan emporers. We visit Senor de Huanca, the 'Doctor of the Andes' ~ a site where we can observe the fusion of Andean & Catholic religions that exists in many places in Peru.

At 13.30 we have time to shop and eat in Pisac famous for it's bustling indigenous market, before finishing our exploration with a tour of the beautiful Incan ruins.

19.00: Group dinner followed by a meeting: Guidance from the Star Councils and Earth Keepers in preparation for our first visit to Machu Picchu.

Meals included: Breakfast & dinner


Day 6: 10th November - Machu Picchu
O/N Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Town) 2 nights

07.30 train into the cloud forest, to Machu Picchu Town (now known as Aguas Calientes). 2 1/2 hour Guided tour of Machu Picchu, an incredible Inca accomplishment.  Picnic lunch followed by meditation and free time to explore, chill out and meditate in the ruins. (Catch the bus back whenever you like.) 
Afternoon & evening free time to rest, hike or visit to the thermal baths of Aguas Calientes.

Meals included: Breakfast & lunch

The glorious Inca Temple of Machu Picchu ... and the Putucusi  ladder-staircase (optional)













The optional walk up Putucussi is very steep! It consists of over 1,000 wooden and stone stairs and takes one and a half hours. If you want to try this challenge on day 6 or 7, please train beforehand!

Day 7: 11.11.11! Machu Picchu/optional hike O/N Aguas Calientes

                   Left: Hot springs in the town    Below: Hotel Terraza de Luna (Machu Picchu)












Free day - take the early bus if you wish to re-visit the magical sacred ruins of Machu Picchu (entrance fee for the second day NOT included)

19.00 - 20.30: 11.11.11 CEREMONY ~ Guidance & Integration @ the hotel.
Meals included: Breakfast 



Optional Day 7 Hiking Options:

1. You can hike to  the site of Machu Picchu (free) from the hotel on day 7, leaving very early - it takes 2.5hrs to get there. Or you can leave the site around 4 a.m and walk down. More info here.

2. You can climb up Putucusi free (30min to get there and a further 2 hours to climb up and down.) (See photo above)

3. People Who want to climb Huayna Picchu need to pay a fee of $63 to Angel via paypal PayPal @ . This hike has two departures: 8am or 10am, and there are strict limitations of numbers per hike. The hike starts within the site of Machu Picchu (you will travel there by bus) and takes 1hr to get to the top, with wonder-ful views. When Angel knows how many wish to partake, he will apply for permission on that day. More information here


Day 8: 12th November - Olantaytambo (1 night)

Morning train to Ollantaytambo to visit this magnificent Incan site. We will also be treated to a walking tour of the town itself to appreciate the only fully functioning Inca town. Our last night before returning to Cusco in spent in this delightful environment in order to truly experience the magic of rural Peru. Lunch-time free

17.00 - 19.00: Blueprint Activation session
19.00: group dinner in town

Meals included: Breakfast & dinner


Ollantaytambo Lodge Hotel and Site















Day 9: 13th November - Temple of the Sun, Exporing, shopping
O/N Cusco

After breakfast drive the 2 hours back to Cusco.Free time for exploring, optional visit to the Temple of the Sun.
16.00 - 18.30: Final Group Meeting, Closing Circle, Integration, Guidance
19.00: Group Dinner
Meals included: Breakfast, dinner


Day 10: 14th November - Departure

Transfer to airport if you are leaving this day.

Meals included: Breakfast.

The Time Is Now!


* San Pedro Ceremony

The San Pedro Ceremony on day 4 is optional, and costs 133 euros per person. This includes a full day with the guide, translator, shamans, the tent set-up, fruit during the day etc. The ceremony involves drinking a tea made from the San Pedro cactus, known locally as “wachuma" ~ a master shamanic healing plant from Andes mountains used as a visionary sacred plant medicine. The healing ceremony leads you into a deep connection with nature, with yourself, & with the earth, planet and cosmos as a whole. Our guides provide a beautiful natural and safe environment for this experience, with carpeted tents set up out in nature, including mats for resting and meditation ~ although a good part of the healing takes place outside in the pristine nature of the sacred valley. Our Shamans have a great deal of experience in leading these spiritual ceremonies, accompanied by translators for those who don't speak the language.

In the Andean Sierra, San Pedro is what ayahuasca is to the Amazonian jungle: they are the sacred plant medicines of their respective regions. While an ayahuasca experience is strongly moving towards one’s inner self, San Pedro experience is more mild, externalizing you and connecting you with the environment and people around you. Ayahuasca can be an internal 'rollercoaster ride', whereas San Pedro is a much milder plant medicine which helps with the expansion of individual consciousness, heart opening and spiritual growth. It is mildly purgative ~ nausea may be experienced for a while, and occassionally a person may actually vomit - but in no way is this as severe as with other rmedicines. The effects may last in varying degrees for 8 hours or so, and are integrated easilly over the following days as a feeling of clearer insight about yourself, your connection with Gaia/Pachamama and your life path & purpose.