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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Star-Seed, Star-Tribe Star-Code AWAKENING! 

with Solara An-Ra & the Star Councils of Light 

29 June – 5 July 2019

There are 12 sessions in total - 2 sessions per day.
8 - 10.30am, before brunch.
5 - 7.30pm, before dinner.
From 11.30am - 5pm you are free to explore the island. That schedule changes occasionally - when we have a sunrise session at the beach, we leave earlier ~ and when we visit the magnetic vortex of Es Vedra, we take a picnic dinner with us. We will GO WITH THE FLOW and the guidance given!

First session: 5pm on Saturday 29th ~ last session 8am on Friday 5th July

A bliss-ful, healing, awakening six night retreat with Solara An-Ra in the activating portal of Casa Solara Ibiza.

Called for by the Arcturian, Pleiadian & Sirian Star Councils of Light, this retreat will magnetise together a group of starseeds who have chosen this exact time for a great leap forward in their consciousness, healing and empowerment!

As a group we will practise sacred awakening techniques seeded by Babaji & the rishis millenia ago. In this 2019 time window - leading to the December solstice of 2020, we have been told that our potential to expand our consciousness is being increased exponentially! As our consciousness expands we have the potential to unlock the dormant potential of our 13-strand DNA and multi-dimensional version of ourselves - while here in 3-D! This is nothing short of a miracle! But we must make time for personal practise ~ and take time out to share with other high vibrational beings.

Your star brothers and sisters, in other dimensions and on this Earth plane, await your presence! The Time Is Now!

6-night residential @ Casa Solara, including food: 888 euros

This retreat includes: -

 * Writing-Channelling & Healing Skills
* Twice daily meditation, pranayama & channelled guidance
* Healing, activating and integrating Chambers of Light
*A sunrise beach session
*A sunset Es Vedra guidance session









The Island of Ibiza has a special energy - particularly in the unspoilt north, where the farmlands have remained unchanged for centuries and the peaceful 'campo' lifestyle is maintained. The energetic portal of Es Vedra is constantly charged by the crystalline waters that surround and underlie it.

Deposit of 444 euros (444 balance on arrival in cash please)
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Ibiza Residents: 12 sessions for 444 euros
(no accommodation/food)


Casa Solara

Casa Solara is a light and airy villa set in the Can Guasch-Atzaro valley in the north of the island.  The centre is surrounded by farmland and gentle pine-clad hills, with beautiful beaches only a short drive away.

Food: The food is delicious, healthy & vegetarian, made with love by our cook Ernesto. 
Check-in & out: 
Each 6 day retreat starts with dinner on the first day and ends with brunch on the last day. Check-in from 3 pm on the 29th July; check-out by 12 noon on the 5th July (after brunch.) 

Google Map: 39.006229,1.506135 Santa Eularia is a 5 minute drive/ 15 minute cycle away - handy for banks, restaurants, shops & the town beach. If you want to explore the island in your free time you can hire a car - 2, 3 or 4 people can share the cost. (This also saves on transfer fees as you can pick up the car from the airport.) Try www.skyscanner.comwww.doyouspain or and pay before arrival - it is cheaper.

Flights: Try 
Airport pick-ups: 30 euros each way (cost is shared if there is more than 1 guest.

Treatments available 
 Full-Body Massage, Reflexology, Multi-dimensional Chakra Healing: 1 hour ~ 77 euros. 

Our Meditation Room ~ a portal space

The outdoor dining table & chillout area, surrounded by the beautiful 'campo'

Organic Produce from the garden ~ straight onto the table! :) 

Retreat bedrooms have private terraces with stunning views over the hills and orchards.

The outdoor platform is perfect for yoga/dance/meditation

The romantic Mongolian yurt (set up here for a couple, but can have twin beds)

Inside the Morrocan-style tent ~ and the chill-out



Dearest Solara, It is very important for me to be visiting and attending your workshops.  It is soothing for my soul, and heart.  It helps me to remember who I am and my purpose on beautiful Mother Earth. I have no words to describe how grateful and blessed I feel to have met you and be able to come & spend time over at your magical space.  Your presence is so inspiring to me.  Your energy brought back so many memories.  I have never met another human who's essence reminds me so much of 'home'. Coming back to Casa Solara is a visit to the Stars, which is a blessing for my whole being.  Hope to see you soon… Sending you lots of love from my heart, Anna

Dear Solara, you have given me the confidence and self belief that has been standing in the way of doing or being what I most want to be. So thank you, so much! You are and your guides are just wonderful to work with. I have many sources which inform my spiritual growth and learning, but your teachings, workshops, guidance and meditations have been the singular thread which resonates the most powerfully and consistently, connecting me to who I am, what I know and helping me grow, learn and develop beyond what I thought would be possible and which have enabled me to develop abilities I can now use for the good of myself and others. Love love love! Lucy

When I arrived at Casa Solara last year I instantly felt peaceful and relaxed. The surrounding is absolutely breathtaking - you really feel one with nature. Solara is a very welcoming person and a true expert in what she does. Although before I had little introduction in the spiritual world, it was easy for me to pick up the flow and start my journey in meditation and healing. On the one hand Solara coached me through it personally and on the other hand she was well able to enhance the group spirit at the same time. For me it was the best week of my life so far! And looking back it was a life changing experience. Love and thank you, thank you Solara! Shelly Van der Ven

Being a guest at Casa Solara during the 'Muti-Dimensional Healing' workshop really opened up my mind and heart. I loved everything about it, staying in the company of my fellow healers and Solara really felt like home to me :-) Deeply true, profound and humorous, your teachings and your guides' messages really empowered me! Thank you Solara, and Lots of Love! Sabri

Solara has found a paradise on Ibiza and created a beautiful space for workshops and retreats. As we know, the way forward is found within, and Solara's retreats are the perfect place to reach a little deeper, to expand your consciousness another level, to open your heart even more at your own pace, always finding exactly what you need at any given moment. If you need to receive that jump start, or just recharge, Solara offers a beautiful, safe, Sacred place to open to those dreams, those visions you have for yourself and for humanity. I thank you, Solara An-Ra, for all  you do! I will be back indeed! Love, Keenara

Light Warrior Solara, thank you for the most enlightening and deeply healing wisdom ...I had the most amazing time with you and your wonderful group...I feel content to have found a trustworthy teacher and channel at last ...I really resonated with all that you said both channelled and was like your voice spoke the contents of my head and incredible mirror and confirmation of the re-minded me of my journey and nudged be deeper on my 'n kisses, Kwalilox

Casa Solara is a lovely, personal and beautiful place to connect with yourself and your soul mates, to get guidance , inspiration and space to vibrate higher! Love love love! Elin Magdalena