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My adobe hut in the Wirikuta desert

Dearest Light tribe, many of you have asked about my recent retreat in the Mexican desert. It was POWER-FUL ~ liberating, inspiring, physically and emotionally challenging ~ and most certainly a re-set point in my life! Sometimes we NEED to be shaken up a bit to let go of emotional wounding or dysfunctional patterns.

I uncovered a wound from my childhood that had led to a life-long issue with authority figures ~ and when I made that CLICK I experienced a series of flashbacks going into the past where I could see how I was 'mis-firing' from that ancient wound. It always comes back to self-love, particularly of the Inner Child. It has helped enormously looking at that trigger and bringing it into the light with love.

My favourite experience (and yes I know this is weird!) was an exercise where I was asked to physically dig my own a grave in the desert and then lie naked in it all day, covered with earth, with only my head sticking out . Lying trapped in my grave I had to 'tell my story' to the Earth Mother, from birth until the present moment, in as much detail as possible. My partner, a wonderful woman of Ghanaian descent, sat at a distance behind me witnessing and holding space - not to mention squashing ants that crawled onto my face, giving me sips of water and adjusting my hat when I called for it. I lasted 5 hours in my grave and emerged like a muddy ghost with a whole new take on my life and the 'story' I had made of my time on this planet. (More about Mexico in Part 7 of my book, coming shortly!)

I am strangely under-booked for the May retreats @ Casa Solara - I'm trying to figure out why! Are low-cost retreats not a good idea?? I'm so excited about these weeks in which you will connect daily with the elements & nature on this beautiful sacred island - experience my newly channelled 'Dance of Liberation' each morning ~ and of course share your love & energy with your Light Tribe!

Flights from London are as low as £50 return in May! You can pay in 5 monthly installments of 111 euros (£88) if that assists you.

Low-cost Samhadi Bliss Retreats

with Solara An-Ra in Ibiza

    An amazing opportunity to attend a Samadhi Bliss Retreat in 2016 ~
A priceless training on how to live in balance & joy

1 - 7 May       9 - 15 May

Only 555 euros including 6 nights accommodation (2 per room), food & all teachings

Solara An-Ra has been guided to offer these wonder-ful retreats for 555 euros (previously 777) so as to make them accessible to as many people as possible. Samhadi Bliss trainings include a fusion of Solara's life transforming teachings, synthesised through years of practise and guidance.

You will join a group of your Light tribe in Solara's beautiful Ibiza home to reconnect with your body, heart and soul. On the first evening you will receive an initiation into the Kriya cobra breath, one of the priceless gifts passed on by the beloved immortal master Babaji who overlights Solara's work.

Throughout the retreat  you will practise meditation, pranayama & Kriya ~ eat simple, delicious vegetarian food ~ dance/move/stretch/swim to love & nurture your body ~ and connect with nature/ Mother Earth. These practises will rejuvenate you on all levels and retrain you into a more conscious, grounded, self-nurturing and joyful way of living. Extra activities for your fun and upliftment ~ a sunset trip to Es Vedra, the spiritual vortex point of the sacred island ~ a 5km hike along the cliffs ~ and a spiritual home movie night.

Casa Solara Ibiza

Casa Solara is a light and airy villa set in the Can Guasch-Atzaro valley in the north of the island.  The centre is surrounded by farmland and gentle pine-clad hills, with beautiful beaches only a short drive away.

Food: The food is delicious, healthy & vegetarian, made with love by our cook Ernesto. Gluten and/or dairy-free requirements are  no problem.

Our Meditation Room ~ a portal space

Organic Produce from the garden ~ straight onto the table! :)

Retreat bedrooms have private terraces with stunning views over the hills and orchards.

The outdoor platform is perfect for yoga/dance/meditation

 The Time Is Now!

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