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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Pleiadian-Arcturian Healing Skills
3 Part Audio Course with Notes

Solara An-Ra & the Star Councils of Light

Pleiadian-Arcturian Healing Skills: €55

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A course in higher-dimensional healing skills which will facilitate a quantum leap for all healers ~ both those who wish to begin healing and those who are already on their paths as healers.

Come all who are called to assist their fellow humans through the transition;
Those who know that all is Light, and that our Light Bodies must be activated now.
Come all who would heal themselves in order to assist the Light Tribe with their radiance.
The Time Is Now to see through the veils of Illusion; to know that we are Love and Light incarnate.
So It Is.


 The Time Is Now for healers to step into their power,allowing their star-seeded gifts to shine through, healing the people of Gaia.

The time is now for Solara An-Ra to teach the amazing healing tools she has been gifted from her Star guides since she received her first Pleiadian initiation in 2007. She is passing these skills on in the form of this 3-part course, suitable for both beginners who KNOW they are meant to heal, and those who have some healing experience.

Ideal preparation for this 3-part course is the 3 free webinars on the chakras, available here.  You will be sent a complete set of recordings to listen to as often as you need to to integrate these skills. You are also asked to be familiar with the 'Pleiadian Essential Daily Practices' meditation (try all 3 versions to see which one you like best). This is free to download here .

This 3 part course covers the following healing techniques: -

SEMINAR 1: (2 hours)

  • How to work in a client's energy field and with the 13 chakras, including the One-Heart chakra.(Diagram of the 13 chakras below.)
  • The difference between clearing, opening, activating, channelling & integrating energies within a healing session.
  • Sound healing through the voice, to open/clear/connect various chakras. This skill is truly Pleiadian magic - you do not need to be able to sing! Solara will channel sounds from both the Hathors and the 'Angels of Light' so that participants experience how different sound frequencies affect your body in different ways.
  • SEMINAR 2: (2 hours)
  • The Craniosacral 'listening' skill - this involves moving yourself into a centred, meditative state, and then receiving information from the client's body through your hands and your senses. It is the opposite of 'channelling energy' into the client's body, as is done in Reiki (although that is also great!)
  • Channelling messages from your Higher Self, your guides or the client's guides during the session. (You do not need to be 'a channel' in order to learn how to do this, but it may help to complete Solara's at home channelling course if this feels like it's on your path).
  • The power of physical touch during a session and for integration.

    SEMINAR 3:

  • Pleiadian/Arcturian/Sirian Chambers of Light - placing the client in a 'Chamber of Light' which holds a certain grid frequency according to what is needed in that particular healing.
  • Psychic surgery.
  • How to bring all the skills learnt into a cohesive healing session.

    The Time Is Now!



Dear Solara, only a few weeks after completing the course I am going to my first festival as a healer! I have done 3 healing sessions & had positive feedback - so this is really real! I would never have had the confidence or knowledge or ability to do a structured approach without the course you have just run... Thankyou!! And it's helping hugely with the channelling; the talking out loud you recommend so strongly. It really does get things flowing in that way - it's a way of filtering out what's actually coming through and what's just the milieus of the chattering mind, whirling away with a thousand thoughts a minute, some of which are yours, some of which aren't. Love love love!
Hi Solara, thank you for an excellent healing Course; this is amazing information coming through for us, and really powerful energies that you connect us with when you give these. I love that we can have access to this knowledge and these teachings - thank you - and also for answering my question!! what you said was really, really helpful. I'm loving this new approach to teaching - so yay to you for grappling with the tech side of it and facilitating this for us! Love you! Lucy
Hi Solara, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  Your healing course is divine - it has solidified that I am on the right path and how to put into place what I have been doing for years with no training. Your closing with your guides was so wonderful for me to hear.  It was exactly what I needed tonight.  Magic and to know that I do use and allow it in my life.  I am so ready to help and I want to thank you for your help in teaching me the next steps of my evolution. Namaste. Heaps of love, James
Dearest Solara, I'm really enjoying the healing course, I am finding it great confirmation about some of the things that I do; but I am not entirely sure why I do them (just following the guidance). The one thing that I do a lot that you really shed some light on was when someone lies on their side and I put one hand at the tailbone and one at the base of the skull...I always felt like I was linking something up like a bridge and you talked about was a big aha for me!  Peace & blessings...DebRa
THANK YOU Solara for facilitating this wonderful workshop, and especially for your lovely way to teach us, hold us up and guide us all. Like Michael said, it was through your attraction of these energies that I had my experience and I´m thankful for that. Love Marcus (Stockholm)
Dear Solara, what an amazing healing  course! I have started using some of the skills I learnt with great success, combining it with my massage. One of my client's who is working through some major life changes has booked more appointments for the massage and healing combo, which is fab. Szaphiel
Dear Solara, beautiful Goddess that you are, I thank you with all of my heart for facilitating such a multidimensional awakening for us all. The healing course helped me to realise the power which I hold, which is transmitted not by that which I do but that which I AM. Through the power of my One Heart, I can go forth in the joy of connecting with the One Heart of all other beings knowing that in that action I am truly being of service. Infinite love, thanks and a thousand smiles to you all, Maya xxxxxxxx
Dear Solara, thank you so much for an absolutely awesome course - that was quite something; following these is helping me accept I can heal, it is something I really want to do and is giving me the confidence to do this. Everyone has been telling me I am a healer, I've always been drawn to it and thought - oh maybe I could yada yada, but...there's nothing like sitting through one of your no-nonsense workshops where you deliver this information with your definite, assertive, validating approach, to make it really real  - to take it out of the land of vague 'oh I'm not sure how' or 'I can't really' or 'how would I know what to do?' etc. and into the land of - this is real, this is really real: I heal. I am a healer. Before I had reached the end of the course, I found myself offering healing sessions to clients, have booked my first session and I have the confidence to just do this now. Thank you! Love Lucy xxx