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07.07 Awakening
The Guardians of the Seed Codes of Lemuria
through Solara & Kahreela An-Ra

7th July 2024      1 - 5pm
The Loft @ Little Dippers, Brighton, UK 


Calling all who remember, deep in your blood, that you were part of the sacred bloodline of the Temples of Alorah in Lemuria. Some of you were priestesses - and some of you were assistants to the priestesses, working energetically in the temples by making and maintaining crystal grids whose purpose was to hold an extremely high frequency in the temple space. This was necessary because the new temple initiates were not yet advanced, and needed to be in a high frequency to move through their initiations successfully. And also because there was such a large difference between the frequency/wisdom of the temple priestesses and the general population at that time - a difference which could be perceived as a 100 to 1 percentile! So the temples maintained an open portal to the higher dimensions that was essential for the civilisation's evolution.


The Guardians of the Seed Codes of Lemuria were Pleiadian-Lemurians – the very ones who initiated the very first Mystery Schools on our planet during the birthing of the civilisation of Lemuria. Working with the Regeneration Codes in the sacred temples, they were able to live many thousands of years. Foreseeing what would become of both Lemuria and Atlantis, and when they were destined to rise and fall, they planned from thousands of years before the sinking of Lemuria to enter into the underground crystal cities of Telos. 

There were some who chose to stay within the Earth body after Lemuria had fallen in order to hold the codes that would allow you - the Awakeners now on the planet - to activate the Seed Codes which hold the Wisdom Teachings of the Lemurian Mystery Schools.

You are requested to bring your Lemurian Record Keeper Crystals and/or new selenite crystals bought for this purpose, into the sacred space we will create together. Following channelled guidance from the Guardians themselves through Solara An-Ra, we will activate an octahedron double-sided pyramid into being - an etheric Sacred Geometry that holds the Seed Codes of Lemuria. With the assistance of the Rainbow Grandmothers, Kahreela An-Ra will connect us with the Fairy Kings & Queens who are of the Dragonfly Fairy Tribe – small humanoid, fairy-like beings who exist in a specific higher dimensional frequency in the Inner Earth. They too are holding keys to the activation of the Lemurian Seed Codes in the birthing of the New Earth.


This is joyful service work for Gaia and her Light Tribe, which assists in our ascension process! Join your Star-Soul Family in a joy-ful reunion and receive the guidance that will help you to remember this part of your Path of Purpose and Light.  The Time Is Now!

The Loft @ Little Dippers
40-42 Upper Gardner St


There are hundreds of hotels and Airbnb's in Brighton from which to choose
Gatwick, UK



Tickets by advance payment only
Audio Recordings of the event (with photos or videos where appropriate of the Crystal Grid)


Solara An-Ra, author of 'Pleiadian Emissary to Gaia' and, about to be published, 'Rainbow Bridge to New Earth', is a world renowned channel who has been transmitting en-lightening information from  Earth-keeper ancestors, ascended Star Being collectives and Babaji since 1998.  She works primarily with the ‘Councils of Light’ – a collective of Andromedan, Sirian, Pleiadian, Lyran and Arcturian Star Beings who tell us repeatedly: The Time Is Now to step onto our Paths of Light and Purpose, playing the role for which we embodied at this crucial and amazing time of transition on Gaia.

Kahreela An-Ra is a channel, healer and Sacred Site leader, dedicated to being of service to humanity at this time of immense change and transformation. She is the founder of Starlight, whose offerings are about bringing magic to life.  The Tools, Guidance Ceremonies, and Processes that Starlight Temple offers are all geared towards living more magically, fulfilling more of our potential, and experiencing the happiness of belonging.

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£44 ~ 4-hour workshop 

£22 ~ Audio Recordings sent after the event
(with photos/videos of the Crystal Grid where appropriate)

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