Solara An-Ra, author of ‘Pleiadian Emissary to Gaia’, is a South African-born channel who works primarily with the Star Councils of Light, a collective of Star Beings who are assisting us through the ascension process that we are experiencing on Earth between 2011 and 2035. 

Assisted by her guides, Solara leads star-seed and blueprint activation retreats and teaches 'Opening to Channel' & 'Multi-dimensional Healing Skills' workshops. For many years she has also traveled the globe, taking groups to activate the Light Grids of our planet at chosen sacred sites. She leads ceremonies for the Equinoxes and Solstices wherever she may be in the world, bringing back the ways of the ancestors in celebrating our connection with our Sun, our Earth and each other as ‘the Light Tribe of Gaia.’


In 2013 Solara created a spiritual Community & Retreat Centre on the sacred island of Ibiza in Spain, activating a portal to attract Star-Soul Family together. This centre is in the process of being handed over to a new guardian, as she  follows guidance to move and create 'Casa Solara Algarve' in Southern Portugal, where she is in the process of creating a new 'Centre of |Light.'


The Star Councils of Light say that many will move into the area around Tavira-Olhao-Faro-Moncarapacho-Estoi-Santa Catarina of Portugal, making a spiritual community who do not live together, but who co-create a beautiful way of sharing skills, gifts and teachings. This is the way we birth the New Earth based on love, kindness and cooperation. The Time Is Now!

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