Opening to Channel-write 

Saturday 21st November
Cape town, South Africa!


What is your motivation for opening to channel? Search your heart now. If it is to be led forward on your path, moving progressively into peace, balance, self- empowerment, joy, abundance - and to gain clarity on how you may be of service to the world - then this course is for you!

In this comprehensive workshop Solara An-Ra effectively demystifies the process of  channelling, teaching all the fundamental principles of connecting with your Higher Self & guides. You will learn how channelling works & why you would want to practise it; about different types of guides and their purpose; the role of the angels in connecting you with higher dimensional beings & how to use discernment in connecting with non-physical beings, ensuring that only high vibrational guides are able to connect with you.

On an experiential level you will practise techniques to activate the third eye & integrate the left and right brain hemispheres to facilitate channelling; plus posture & preparation steps to ensure safety and high level guidance. Most importantly, you will learn how to move through blocks as you begin your practise of writing-channelling & how to ground the guidance you receive into your every-day life.

Solara has taught hundreds of people to channel, and is now offering this life changing workshop for the first time in her land of birth, South Africa. As always, the teachings which come through her and the Star Councils are simple, accessible and humorous - designed to LIGHTEN you up so that you let go of fear and self doubt. There is no question that learning to channel is easier in a group context ~ and it is a massive advantage to be able to share on an ongoing basis after the course with fellow students, either in person or on Skype.  

Sat 21st November 2021
10am - 5pm
Treetops Room
Monkey Valley
Cape Town
(ZAR 1,299)
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Solara An-Ra is a world renowned channel who has been transmitting en-lightening information from Ascended Masters, Earth-keeper ancestors, Star Beings and Babaji since 1998. She works primarily with the ‘Councils of Light’ – a collective of Andromedan, Sirian, Pleiadian, Lyran and Arcturian Star Beings who tell us repeatedly "The Time Is Now!" They stress that we are in a critical period of Earth changes and evolution that require us to realise that we are in charge of our destiny. We are creators, whose challenge right now is to heal ourselves and our Mother Earth in order to step into the New Age of Light!

Monkey Valley Resort is set among ancient Milkwood trees in the embrace of Chapman's Peak Mountain. The energies here are perfect for high vibrational work! Although it is possible to channel anywhere, it is ideal to be in a place with naturally pure and high energies to open your own personal portal to the higher dimensions.



If you are travelling from far,  you may be able to book a room at The Monkey Valley Resort ... if it is full or too expensive for your budget, simply find accommodation close-by.

If you wish to share a hotel room (& therefore the cost) please let me know and I will try to pair you with another participant.


Please organise/ bring your own lunch for the break from 1 - 2 p.m.

There is a restaurant on site, but with a large group the wait-time will be too long to make a one-hour break feasible.

  1. Please avoid alcohol, drugs and all mind-altering medicines in the lead-up to and during the workshop.

  2. Please practise the 'New Essential Essential Daily Practices' meditation every day if possible in the month leading up to the course. This is free to download onto your phone or laptop here.


  • a cushion if you like to sit on the floor

  • a pen & special book to write in.A good size book is A5 (half of A4) - not too big to carry in your bag - and not so small that you have to turn pages too often, which can cut your flow.

  • Ask any crystals of which you are the guardian if they would like to come along ~ certain crystals, when charged correctly, can assist your channelling practice.


The Time Is Now!