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21-22-23 October 2024
19.19 - 20.20
 Lisbon/London Time
FREE online 3-Part ZOOM
with Solara An-Ra

Dearest Light Tribe of Gaia, Thank you soooooo much for all who attended and shared their energies in the first NEW EARTH PORTUGAL ~ it was a gathering of such beauty codes, I was moved beyond words! I will share more later - for now I will be brief as my guides have just given me an urgent mission that starts TODAY!

Directly off the heals of New Earth 1 gathering, my guides announced this morning an urgent need to gather the Light Tribe in joyful service to our planet and tribe, because they say the Light Codes of the New Earth are literally being stabilised right here, right now!

They are sending me for 3 days to a part of the Algarve where there was originally a clear portal open and which has also over recent years attracted the dark ~ in order to clear the land ... to work with the Guardians of the New Earth ... AND! ....

to offer to all of you a FREE 3-Part live Zoom Transmission that starts tonight!

21st October
22nd October
23rd October
19.19 - 20.20 Lisbon-London time


YES, it will be available as a recording afterwards - but it is extremely important that as many of you as possible attend live!

We will be anchoring in the New Earth Light Codes in their FULLY 5th DIMENSIONAL form ~ absolutely clear and uncompromised!


Join with the same link on all 3 transmission here!

Meeting ID: 873 7425 3362
Passcode: 902437


  • Please avoid alcohol and drugs for during these 3 days - and during the transmissions

  • Please have a special Book & pen at the ready to take notes of any guidance that you feel is directly for YOU!

  • Please practice the 2023 ESSENTIAL DAILY PRACTICES Meditation 2 or 3 times per day over the 3 days (see video below)



With love love love as always,

Solara An-Ra

Magic Weaver & Frequency Keeper for Gaia



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Solara An-Ra, author of ‘Pleiadian Emissary to Gaia’, is a South African-born channel who works primarily with the Star Councils of Light, a collective of Star Beings that include Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, Andromedans & Lyrans.  As of 2023, Solara is also transmitting a group of intergalactic travellers who call themselves alternatively the Guardians of the Inner Earth & the Guardians of the Seed Codes of Lemuria. They are working in collaboration with the Pleiadian Councils of Light to assist the Birthing of the New Earth that we are co-creating right here right now on Planet Earth!

One of Solara's greatest gifts to the world is the guided meditations that she provides free of charge on her YouTube channel and on this website - transmissions which are used by hundreds of thousands across the globe. Assisted by her guides, Solara leads teaches in-person  'Opening to Channel' & 'Multi-dimensional Healing Skills' workshop from her Centre of |Light in Portugal: Casa Solara Algarve. For many years she has also traveled the globe, taking groups to activate the Light Grids of our planet at chosen sacred sites. 2023 sees her taking groups to Mount Fuji in Japan, to Vancouver Island and to Mount Shasta in August.

1. Community Lunch (2).jpeg

In-Person events @ Casa Solara Algarve 

Most Tuesdays: 19.00 - 20.30

By Donation
Email Solara to join:

A wonderful opportunity to join with your Light tribe and Solara An-Ra to master the meditation, energy & pranayama (breath) techniques that form the basis of spiritual connection and inner peace. Each session will also include a channelled meditation and/or message from the Star Councils of Light, who continue to assist us at this very special time in the evolution of our planet and people.


Whether you are a beginner or have an established personal practise, you will benefit from joining with a large group of like-hearted people who are raising their vibration together. We are not meant to be on our spiritual and awakening journeys alone! Through your participation in these classes, you will become part of a world-wide Light Tribe Community, sharing your experiences and wisdom with each other.

The practices you will learn are extremely empowering, assisting with self-confidence, clarity on your spiritual path and connection with your guides, plus more physical issues such as insomnia, depression, anxiety. Each week the class will cover one or more of the following: -

  • Chakra Meditation - what the inner energy & outer energy centres relate to; balancing/clearing/awakening the chakras.

  • Breathing practices to increase your life-force, awaken the pineal, bring clarity & peace.

  • Energy techniques to ground, centre, empower & recharge you.

  • Service Work: Energetic ways to support all sentient beings - plant, animal, mineral, human on our planet. This is perhaps the strongest message that comes through the Star People - the importance of devoting ourselves to being loving, kind and cooperative.

Together we are co-creating a New Earth, based on love, kindness & cooperation! The Time Is Now!

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