Casa Solara Algarve

Casa Solara Algarve

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Dear Light Tribe,

Many of you are asking for news of Casa Solara Algarve ... and so, here it is!

Gino, Itzak & I have been in the house for most of June and July, and are in the process of renovating the 2 houses and settling in. Itzak will be back in Ibiza cooking for retreats in September and October, and I will be there also to teach 'Opening to Channel' and 'Mulit-dimensional Healing' from 20 - 27 September. So there is still some back-and-forth between Portugal & Ibiza - which will hopefully slow down when we find the perfect guardian for Casa Solara Ibiza! If you feel like you might be the one to take over this beautiful creation, please email me.

Our Algarve property has 2 farm houses which adjoin each other, and the 'new house' (which is still old lol) is where Gino & I will live on our own. The older house is for retreat and B&B guests, initiating on the March Equinox of 2020, when our first retreat will be held! For more details on the retreat see here.

The older house has far more character - beautiful old floor tiles, stone and chalk walls, and wooden beamed ceilings backed with bamboo. But it also needs much more serious restoration, including a new roof in many places. The rooms at the back of the old house are literally in ruins, while the front rooms are restorable as they are once we have fitted new doors, windows and repaired the roof tiles, This is a job that Gino is very excited about ... having lovingly restored his Normandy countryside house, he has the skills to re-wire, re-plumb and re-mason in such a way that the original character remains in integrity.

I do believe that we might need to call in extra skilled labourers before the opening, however hard Gino & Itzak are prepared to work! For the moment, they are busy with the new house, but have also succeeded in restoring one small room in the old house, including insulation of the roof. This is Itzak's new bedroom for the meantime, until his separate cabin can be built.

What is our experience of life in the countryside of South-Eastern Portugal so far? I was concerned when we were making the decision to buy that we might be too far from the coast, and too remote in the hills. But the guides and angels that are assisting in this co-creation of course know exactly what they are doing! We find ourselves in a valley-village where the people have not lost the desire and knowledge of how to BE a community! Closer to the coast, in the more touristic or trendy areas, this sense of community often no longer exists. And our local village provides all our basic needs, much more than we envisaged. Trips to Tavira and Sao Bras - the larger towns near to us - are far less frequent as time goes by and we settle into our new world.

We find the local Portuguese people absolutely charming and helpful, albeit there is a laid-back 'manana' type attitude which I recognise from Spain :). We are also making friends with local British, French and Dutch residents, which certainly feels good as our Portuguese is not up to scratch for the moment. The difference between living here and in Ibiza is that our friends are already an equal mixture of Portuguese and other nationalities - there isn't the same segregation which I always found a bit strange in Ibiza.

There is a lot of complaining about the 'authorities' in charge of land and property regulations in Portugal - the rules around restoring/upgrading houses - and around legal/illegal habitation on different categories of land - can be very frustrating and time-consuming. But I am not one to focus on the negatives, or to buy into anyone else's reality .... so I am resolutely affirming that everything we need to manifest our perfect home and community centre comes into manifestation in perfect Divine timing!

I have been guided to offer beginners meditation and breath-work classes locally - and to practise craniosacral therapy - as I once did in another reality, long long ago in London! This will introduce me to the local community in a gentle way - not as a channel or star-person, but as a therapist & teacher who can provide a new path to healing and positivity.

As part of my commitment is to assist others wanting to move into the Eastern Algarve region in order to be part of a wider conscious community, I am offering to assist anyone wanting to find places to buy or rent in the area. Please email me with your budget/requirements and I will let you know when I hear of good deals locally.

Sending all love and blessings your way dear Light Tribe! I trust that many of you will be visiting us in our new home very soon! And that some of you will be drawn to move into the area also, to make a new beginning and share this way of life with us.

Love love love,

Solara An-Ra

Light tribe of Gaia

Grape Vines leading up to the Casa

Gino & Itzak Hill Walking

My bedroom shaping up ... bringing some 'old style' into the new house :)

The View from my Window

A new Chill-out Area ... pergola coming

Grapes from our Vines

Gino & I on my Birthday

Maria, a wonder-ful old lady who makes goats cheese at home ... and visits the valley homes to sell it for 1 euro !

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