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A 3-part WEBINAR recording to explain higher-dimensional healing skills ~ which will facilitate a quantum leap for all healers ~ both those who wish to begin healing and those who are already on their paths as healers.

Come all who are called to assist their fellow humans through the transition;
Those who know that all is Light, and that our Light Bodies must be activated now.
Come all who would heal themselves in order to assist the Light Tribe with their radiance.
The Time Is Now to see through the veils of Illusion; to know that we are Love and Light incarnate.
 So It Is.

 The Time Is Now for healers to step into their power,allowing their star-seeded gifts to shine through, healing the people of Gaia.

The time is now for Solara An-Ra to teach the amazing healing tools she has been gifted from her Star guides since she received her first Pleiadian initiation in 2007. She is passing these skills on in the form of this 3-part course, suitable for both beginners who KNOW they are meant to heal, and those who have some healing experience.


Ideal preparation for this 3-part course is the 3 free webinars on the chakras included.  You will be sent a complete set of recordings to listen to as often as you need to to integrate these skills. You are also asked to be familiar with the 'Pleiadian Essential Daily Practices' meditation (try all 3 versions to see which one you like best). This is free to download here .


This 3 part course covers the following healing techniques: -

WEBINAR 1: (2 hours)

  • How to work in a client's energy field and with the 13 chakras, including the One-Heart chakra.(Diagram of the 13 chakras below.)
  • The difference between clearing, opening, activating, channelling & integrating energies within a healing session.
  • Sound healing through the voice, to open/clear/connect various chakras. This skill is truly Pleiadian magic - you do not need to be able to sing! Solara will channel sounds from both the Hathors and the 'Angels of Light' so that participants experience how different sound frequencies affect your body in different ways.
  • WEBINAR 2: (2 hours)
  • The Craniosacral 'listening' skill - this involves moving yourself into a centred, meditative state, and then receiving information from the client's body through your hands and your senses. It is the opposite of 'channelling energy' into the client's body, as is done in Reiki (although that is also great!)
  • Channelling messages from your Higher Self, your guides or the client's guides during the session. (You do not need to be 'a channel' in order to learn how to do this, but it may help to complete Solara's at home channelling course if this feels like it's on your path).
  • The power of physical touch during a session and for integration.

    WEBINAR 3: 

  • Pleiadian/Arcturian/Sirian Chambers of Light - placing the client in a 'Chamber of Light' which holds a certain grid frequency according to what is needed in that particular healing.
  • Psychic surgery.
  • How to bring all the skills learnt into a cohesive healing session.

Higher-Dimensional Healing

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