3-Part Live ZOOM
Starting 16th January 2022
3 Sundays in a row



The Light Tribe of Awakeners on Gaia have called this co-creation between the Star Nations & Earth People, to assist us in riding the Ascension Waves of light with more ease, grace and joy. This is the way we consciously co-create the New Earth ~ by keeping our own Light Quotient both high and stable and learning how to integrate each new wave.


The full activation of the Triple-Grid of Gaia over the December Solstice Portal awakened a quantum number of humans who were 'sitting on the fence.' These awakened ones - including yourselves - are ready to step into their service roles now. 


Deep in your heart, you remember your soul contract to be on Earth at this exact moment in order to assure the success of the Divine Plan for Ascension on Gaia. The Time Is Now to both understand and step fully into that role ... but without physical, mental and emotional health and balance this is all but impossible! 

The Star Councils are committed to teaching us: -

  • how to activate our Greater Light Bodies, beyond the auric field, by holding & increasing our Light Quotient and activating our Sacred Geometry fields. 

  • how to hold 5th dimensional consciousness beyond our meditative state - in our every-day life.

  • how to stay physically, emotionally & mentally balanced while integrating our Divine Blueprints.

They will also answer your questions in a 44 minute Q&A session at the end of each workshop. You may submit your questions before the class and/or ask questions during the session. As many questions as possible will be answered but it may not be possible to answer all.

The Time Is Now!

16.00 - 18.30 Lisbon time
Sunday 16th January 
Sunday 23rd January
Sunday 30th January

Recordings of all 3 sessions, immediately after each class.  In case you miss a portion, you can catch up in-between.
Telegram Support Group, to share experiences and ask questions as you continue your practice
It is preferable to have done the JOYFUL SERVICE WORK webinars already
(Discount available for both)



I am honoured beyond words to be of service as a channel for the Star Councils of Light. Through their transmissions I am assisted as much as every one of you with whom I share their wisdom, love and frequency. 

I have to giggle at how often the Pleiadians say that 'The Time Is Now' for this, that and the other journey :). Apparently it is now time to ride the Ascension Waves with more ease and grace ... my response is: 'I'm ready! Bring it on!' As I have learned very well from these guides that embracing change is THE only way forward, I embrace each new journey with them - and you - with joy and excitement!

Nothing is more important for me than experiencing that my work in the world assists the Light Tribe of Gaia. Experiencing myself as part of the grand unfolding that ripples out from our planet into the universe at large  constantly fills my heart with indescribable joy. My intention is that you receive the same wonderful inspiration and help as I have done for so many years from my Star Brothers and Sisters.


TheTime Is Now!

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Abundance Exchange: 111 euros