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Recalibration Chamber of Light!
Arcturian Medical Assistance Team, Hathor Sound Masters & Lyran Healing Council, through Solara An-Ra

Saturday 7th January 2022 ONLINE
18.00 - 20.00: Lisbon/London time
or via REPLAY

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The Arcturian Medical Assistance Team first transmitted through me in June of 2015 ago when they saw the opportunity to use their amazing healing skills and technology - which are Light Years ahead of our own - to assist humans through the transition into multidimensional beings who can move in and out of our Light Bodies at will.


A Chamber of Light, in the guides' words, is 'a higher-dimensional pod which holds an interdimensional gridwork of energies which is placed around and  through our physical bodies and energy fields - as though we have stepped into a small chamber and are then immersed in the energy field of the chamber, for a particular length of time and purpose.'


In that first session - during a Solstice Activation Retreat in my centre in Ibiza - it was quite a leap of faith to follow along with this new group of Star Beings! They told us that they operate from a small Light Ship - approximately 22m in diameter - which materialised into the space about 60km above the Earth, and which held a council of specialised healers who work through laser-like Light tools. They explained that they were repairing our bodies on a cellular atomic level - repairing the Electrical Light Body in order to repair our nervous systems, so that our |Light Codes could be activated with more comfort in your physical body.

When you agree to receive a Chamber of Light, you choose to accelerate your path and gifts. There is a YES within you when the guides ask you if you are ready to open and receive the healing and activation that is being gifted to you through the session! Only  when YOU are ready for change; for healing; for activation, can it be received!

The theme for this Chamber of Light is RECALIBRATION. Only in the moment will be the true purpose and the process be outlined. You will know if this is for you when you hear a great YES in your heart and your being. The Time Is Now!



Solara An-Ra, author of ‘Pleiadian Emissary to Gaia’, is a South African-born channel who works primarily with the Star Councils of Light, a collective of Star Beings who are assisting us through the ascension process that we are experiencing on Earth between 2011 and 2035. 

One of Solara's greatest gifts to the world is the guided meditations that she provides free of charge on her YouTube channel and on this website - transmissions which are used by hundreds of thousands across the globe. Assisted by her guides, Solara leads spiritual retreats and teaches 'Opening to Channel' & 'Multi-dimensional Healing Skills' workshops. She also travels the globe, taking groups to activate the Light Grids of our planet at chosen sacred sites - in 2023 she is taking Light Tribe groups to Japan/Mount Fuji in March;  to Vancouver & Mount Shasta in August, and through the Sacred Sites of Southern Portugal in October.


After founding and running a spiritual Community & Retreat Centre on the island of Ibiza for 6 years, she  has now followed her guidance to create 'Casa Solara Algarve' in Southern Portugal - a new 'Centre of Light' which attracts Star-Soul Family together. The Star Councils of Light say that many will move into the area around Tavira-Olhao-Faro-Moncarapacho-Estoi-Santa Catarina of Portugal, making a spiritual community who do not live together, but who co-create a beautiful way of sharing skills, gifts and teachings. This is the way we birth the New Earth based on love, kindness and cooperation.


The Time Is Now!

Abundance exchange: 55 euros

Special offer for Rayania's Galactic Retreat II participants: 33 euros

Sign up FREE for the retreat here! 

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