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cosmic cobra breath
& BABAJI initiation

Online  or Live  Event @ Casa Solara Algarve
18th September 2022

You are hereby invited take part in a precious Initiation into the  Cobra Breath - a Tantric Kriya technique which can be used for individual enlightenment or as part of a tantric practise. The workshop includes a personal initiation into the energies of the Immortal Master Babaji. This is a gift beyond words.


Babaji is the original transmitter of the Cobra Breath – one of the many techniques that was kept secret through the ages because people were not ready for Unity Consciousness. This enlightenment method has come out of the hidden mystery schools now because we are ready for it!


It matters not if you have heard of Babaji or not - the Initiation is simply an acknowledgement given to  the Source of this precious learning. When recognition and thanks are given in this context, Babaji and the 'Masters of Pranayam' lineage overlight your process and are there always to assist your progress of awakening.

The pranayama-visualisation technique you will learn has several components, including using the bandhas (physical locks) which are used in some yoga practices. You can learn about Pranayama from Solara here.


Once mastered it is simple to practise and incredibly enjoyable! It takes only about 7 minutes to do the recommended 14 breaths, ideally twice a day for the first 21 days. Once the ‘psychic circuit’ is established in your body it can be used as and when needed, either on your own or within sacred love-making.


The experience of Shakti and Shiva kundalini moving through our bodies within a single in- and exhalation is the gift which Babaji gives us, through his Grace, Light and infinite Love.

Solara An-Ra is a world-renowned channel and teacher whose joy is to gather the Light tribe of Gaia together. One of the greatest gifts given to Solara in the course of her awakening was the over-lighting of Babaji, whom she now channels in the context of teaching Pranayama & Kriya techniques.


Prepaying and booking is essential ~ spaces are limited ~ see below. Feel free to contact Solara with any questions:

19.00 - 22.00 WET
(Western European Time)
Sunday 18th September 2022


Casa Solara Algarve
  • Please wear white
  • Have a notebook and pen handy
  • Avoid alcohol or drugs in the lead-up to the workshop

111 euros


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