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An 11-week LIVE Zoom Workshop with Solara An-Ra
& the Galactic Councils of Light

Every Wednesday for 11 weeks, starting 30th September 2020

Replay available if you miss a session

~ or if you join after the start date


This powerful 11-week workshop has been called for because of the difficulties so many humans are experiencing as the new energies bombarding our planet increase in power. It is an amazing opportunity to learn from Solara An-Ra and the Galactic Councils of Light in the 3-month period between the September Equinox and December Solstice of 2020 - a period where it is more important than ever to truly master our energy bodies and natural abilities to charge, clear or re-align  our energy, according to the need which arises.

The Star People call these skills the Energy A-B-C's - referring to the concept that we should, in any awakened civilization, be taught these skills from a very young age. For without these skills we are likely to suffer from one or more of the following: energy drainage, entities in the auric field, dis-ease, depression, insecurity and difficulties in discerning the truth.

How has it come to be that we as humans aren't able to tune into our chakras, auric fields or greater Light Body with ease? How can we expect to 'ascend', master our Light Bodies, travel into higher dimensions or embody our true multi-dimensional selves without the basic energy understanding and skills?


As we are guided through the classes by our Star Family & friends, we will progressively grasp  these energy skills and understand what it really means to be in our power and in a state of peace of balance - how it feels to be grounded rather than un-grounded; energetically depleted as opposed to charged.

As always, Solara and her guides' teachings are infused with a delightful sense of humour ~ offering the group an experience of the New Earth that we are collectively co-creating through embodying love, kindness and cooperation. 


The Time Is Now!

  • Energetic Upgrades in order to facilitate Code Downloads 

  • Guidance and updates from the Galactic Councils on what is happening energetically on the planet over this 3-month portal - and what we need to do to align with the energies in an optimal way.

  • Variations on Pranayama & Awakening techniques as ancient as time itself - gifted by Babaji for our modern age.

  • 13-chakra/Original Blueprint activation, balancing & clearing.

  • Lessons in how to expel negative energies from the aura and miasms (stuck emotional blocks) in the physical body.

  • Service Work: group transmissions to heal astral pollution in the collective unconscious in order to birth the New Earth based on Love, Kindness & Cooperation.

Every Wednesday
30 Sept - 9 December 2020
11 x 3-hour LIVE ZOOM sessions
Available afterwards on playback 
(3-hour classes)

11.00: San Francisco

14.00: New York

19.00: Lisbon/London

20.00: Paris/Madrid

Search for your time here

€ 333

Full 11-week Workshop
One class free of charge!

€ 111

Option to pay 3 monthly installments

€ 33

Option to pay per workshop, once a week.



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​€333: Full 11-week Workshop: Energy A-B-C's

​€111: Monthly option (Oct-Nov-Dec)

€33: pay for each workshop individually

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