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FREE SUNrise Equinox CEREMONY Casa solara ibiza 


It is necessary to whatsapp message Solara on +34633070171 if you would like to attend.


Solara will lead the group in a joy-ful ceremony, bringing back the ways of our ancestors in using celebrating our connection with our Father Sun, our Mother Earth, and of course each other, as the LIGHT TRIBE OF GAIA!


We will begin by calling in the 7 sacred directions, drumming, singing and dancing to celebrate this sacred turning point in our yearly cycle.  Solara will then lead a guided meditation  to  enter into the next cycle with more grace and ease.


Finally we will close with a message from the Star Councils of Light, so as to understand the energies of this turning point, and how we can move forward on our paths of service with joy and power!

Please bring flowers and crystals for the altar. You may bring a drum also if you wish to join in with the calling of directions. The Time Is Now!


23rd Sept 2019
7 - 8 a.m.
Casa Solara Ibiza
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