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Multi-Dimensional CHAKRA Healing

11 Jan -3 Feb  2023

Also available after these dates in replay form - including a live session with Solara An-Ra


For the first time ever, Solara An-Ra will teach how to do this amazing form of chakra healing ONLINE in a 4-week intensive workshop designed to activate  your gifts as a healer & channel! The principles of online healing sessions are in many ways the same as in-person healing - but the practicalities of working this way are subtly different and require an expertise of a different nature. 


Solara has been guided to offer this life-changing workshop because so much healing and guidance is needed right now on our planet. This is equally needed within the 'Awakener' community, who are consciously on their paths of service but who feel 'stuck' - and within the community of the 'slumbering' ones who have yet to awaken to the truth of the New World which is birthing. The nature of the internet - which the Star Councils of Light call the 'Web of Light' - is such that we are able to connect very easily with our Star-Soul Family across the globe - and these connections are being called for! There are members of our Light Tribe living on opposite sides of the planet who are contracted in to give or receive healing, guidance & activation to or from each other - and this form on online healing makes that effortless!


Healing is not only about curing a pain or illness in the body - it is about energetic recalibration that opens the consciousness of the client and changes their way of thinking and operating in the world. In this sense the Healer is also acting as a 'life coach', able to bring new perspectives on how to move forward and where changes are necessary. The structure of healing which is taught by Solara & the guides facilitates this 'life-coaching' within a healing session in the following way: -
* A is the consultation before the healing
* B is the healing session itself
* C is the post-healing guidance and summary of what has happened - and what will help in the integration of the changes that have occurred in the chakras.


In the process of participating in this workshop you will receive healing and guidance, as you practise with Solara An-Ra & the other participants - and you will discover your own star-seeded gifts, which are unique to YOU! No matter whether you are already an experienced healer, or how many other workshops you have done in the healing arts, this form of healing, channelled directly from the Star Councils of Light, will change your way of perceiving healing forever.



  • How to work with the 13 chakras (the 7 internal chakras plus the 3 above the head and the 2 below the feet) to re-calibrate, activate, re-balance, open or charge the energy wheels, as is needed.

  • Psychic Surgery: the removal of entities, miasms & implants that are affecting your client in a negative way.

  • 'Chambers of Light' - a period of time encapsulated within a healing session where you place the client in a higher-dimensional energy 'Chamber' which holds a very particular frequency ,according to what is needed. This is a channeled form of healing where different groups of Star Guides work through you to assist your client to integrate, activate or balance something which has already occurred in the healing.

  • How to channel messages from your Higher Self, your guides or the client's guides during the session. You do not need to already be 'a channel' in order to learn how to do this, but it is necessary to have experience and understanding of channelling.

  • How to provide life-coaching to clients during and after the session, which involves understanding how the issues presented by the client relate to chakras blockages and how the changes during the healing offer new pathways & opportunities.

  • How to market and present yourself to the world as a healer. This is not about 'branding' and social media - this is about finding the words that clarify what YOU are offering, according to your specific gifts, skills,  life purpose and personality! And making a card or leaflet accordingly, so that OWN what you are offering to clients and are ready to offer it to the world.


11 Jan - 3 Feb 2023
Starts: Wed 11th 
Ends: Fri 3rd Feb  

Wednesdays & Fridays
19.00 - 21.30 Lisbon/London 
(WET - Western European Time or UCT)

Convert to your time zone here

All sessions will be available as replays - if you take part after the live date, you will still receive a 1-on-1 with Solara


€777 - including detailed notes, recordings of all 8 sessions & a 1-hour private session with Solara An-Ra when the course is complete



I am honoured beyond words to be of service as a channel for the Star Councils of Light. Through their transmissions I am assisted as much as every one of you with whom I share their wisdom, love and frequency. 

I have to giggle at how often the Pleiadians say that 'The Time Is Now' for this, that and the other journey :). Apparently it is now time to teach you how to offer healing sessions online - my response is: 'I'm ready! Bring it on!' As I have learned very well from these guides that embracing change is THE only way forward, I embrace each new journey with them - and you - with joy and excitement!

Nothing is more important for me than experiencing that my work in the world assists the Light Tribe of Gaia. Experiencing myself as part of the grand unfolding that ripples out from our planet into the universe at large  constantly fills my heart with indescribable joy. My intention is that you receive the same wonderful inspiration and help as I have done for so many years from my Star Brothers and Sisters.


The Time Is Now!

Solara-Saqqara (3).jpg


Please avoid alcohol & drugs in the lead-up to, and during the workshop. It is necessary for your energy to be clear and high throughout.


It is necessary to have some understanding/experience of channelling. If you have no experience, please  first do the Opening to Channel at-home course provided here.

Although the chakras and what they relate to will be covered in the workshop, the more knowledge you have of the chakras the easier you will absorb the new skills you will be using. In the weeks leading up to the course please practice: -

  1. Any version of the Essential Daily Practices Meditation provided here.

  2. Any/all of the Chakra Meditations provided here.


pay here

€777: Full Payment ONLINE Multi-Dimensional Healing     FULLY BOOKED 

€333: Deposit (2-part payment)

€444: Balance after deposit (2-part payment)


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