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Remembering your Lemurian & Atlantean Skills
in order to be of greater service to Gaia & Tribe!
3 hours: February 2023
with translation to Japanese

The Star Councils of Light, assisted by the Galactic Federation of Light and the Order of Melchizedek, have called forth this co-creation to assist us in remembering our Lemurian-Atlantean skills and to feel our purpose on this planet right now.


You are an Angelic Being of Light who is on Earth at this exact moment in order to assist your planet & people succeed in the Divine Plan for Ascension on Gaia with as much ease and grace as possible! Your awakening journey is the journey to re-member this.


The group will work together to send a massive awakening wave through the Ascension Grid of Gaia to awaken a quantum number of humans who are 'sitting n the fence.'

The Star Councils are committed to teaching us: -

  • how to work consciously with our Soul-Star Family from the higher dimensions

  • how to move between the 3rd, 4th & 5th dimensions at will

  • how to assist humans, plants and animals on Earth with their permission on a Higher Self level.

They will also assist us through a Chamber of Light to remove past-life contracts and cords that no longer serve us as we step on this higher, more accelerated path of awakening and service.

The Time Is Now!

  • Have a notebook and pen handy
  • Avoid alcohol or drugs in the lead-up to & during the workshop
  • Video Recording of the class









My journey of awakening accelerated dramatically when I decided with crystal clarity in 2007: I want to be of the maximum service possible! 


My Pleiadian guides took me at my word and started to give very clear and emphatic instructions on exactly how to do that - and my experience of Earth life transformed almost overnight from one of boredom, frustration and depression to one of excitement, action, expansion - and most of all - to feeling my purpose unfolding

To this day, nothing is more important for me! Experiencing that my work in the world assists others is the most rewarding, inspiring aspect of Earth life. It transcends any other purpose - of being a love partner - even of being a mother/grandmother! It is not that these things don't bring me immense joy - it is simply that experiencing myself as part of a bigger picture - a grand unfolding that ripples out from our planet into the universe at large - constantly fills my heart with indescribable joy.

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Abundance Exchange: US$ 111 euros
Booking through Trinity Company, Japan

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