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ONLINE EVENT! 22 - 24 Oct 2021
Half-price for starseeds 22 years and under!
Live or via Recordings

You are hereby invited take part in a 3-part Manifesting Masterclass which will forever change how you view life-on-Earth and your ability to create that which your heart longs for!

The Star Councils of Light, along with other higher-dimensional guides & collectives, will lead us through: -

  • the universal principles of manifesting.

  • immersive experiences that allow you to truly feel and see how these principles can be put into effective action.

  • practical guided techniques (that you will have recordings of, to practise as often as you choose after the workshop.)


You will learn how to hold a future project, dream or relationship - or a present life situation that requires an healing or upgrade - in a magnetic bubble of manifestation. And you will leave the masterclass with both practical techniques to use in the unfolding of your highest chosen reality, plus a much deeper understanding of what has been holding you back from manifesting a life of joy, harmony and abundance.

The Time Is Now!


Solara's own personal journey with learning how to consciously manifest started with the principles of Louise Haye's 'You Can Heal Your Life', and progressed through various stages of using affirmations, visualisation and the Wayne Dyer 'Aaaaah' technique - to her present much deeper understanding of fifth dimensional co-creation which comes directly from her beloved guides.

She fully understands the pitfalls and traps that can sabotage the manifesting a life of abundance, joy and fulfillment on planet Earth. And she is rubbing her hands together in excited anticipation of co-creating with YOU the life that you truly deserve!


18.00 - 21.00  WET
Friday 22 - Sunday 24th October 2021


Online ZOOM event
Details on registration
  • Have a notebook and pen handy
  • Avoid alcohol or drugs in the lead-up to workshop
  • Recordings off all 3 sessions, immediately after each class. in case you miss a portion, you can catch up inbetween.
  • Telegram Support Group, to share experiences and ask questions as you continue your practice

Abundance Exchange: 111 euros

Starseeds 22 years and under: 55 euros


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