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16 - 28 March 2022

A stunning 12-night Journey 
with Solara An-Ra & the Star Councils of Light

Fully Booked

Join Solara An-Ra and a group of 16 Light Tribe brothers and sisters on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in with the awesome power and beauty of South Africa, birthplace of humanity and portal to the stars. Solara has chosen the hotels according to their locations in Gaia's bosom, to connect us with the oceans, the mountains and the natural fauna and flora of Africa in the most nurturing way possible.
The Indian & Atlantic Oceans encapsulate the 2 sides of the Cape Peninsular, and are an integral part of our Sacred Gaia  Connection process. Throughout the journey we will connect with the seals, dolphins & whales that hold the integrity of the oceans and the Akashic Records of Gaia intact . The Star Councils of Light will remind us how to work with the sea beings to hold the Crystal Grids of Gaia in the highest frequency possible, dissolving the pain and confusion that is being experienced in the individual & collective consciousness of our Light Tribe right now. 

Our journey starts on the 16th March at The Calders Hotel in Fish Hoek, where our hotel overlooks the lovely Fish Hoek Beach and Harbour. From 4 - 6.30 pm we  will come together for our opening circle, connecting as a group for the first time and receiving guidance on what is to come during our precious days together. After dinner we will meditate on the beach, grounding ourselves into the Core Crystal of Gaia in a new and more powerful way than has been previously possible. The March Equinox portal is specifically about grounding the Ascension (5th Dimensional) energies into the Core Crystal (1st dimensional.)


Aside from the charm of the village and the Indian Ocean (warm water) location, Fish Hoek has been chosen because of it's proximity to the wonder-ful sites we will visit on the 17th & 18th with our wonder-ful guide Dean Laprini, renowned sacred site geomancer and author. We will visit: -
These include: -

  • the Pyramid All Seeing Eye rock, an ancient marker stone and cosmic antenna which marks the Solar Plexus Energy Centre of the Cape Peninsula.

  • the ‘Crystalline Cave of Ascension’, believed to be a ritual cave of rebirth and fertility in Sun Valley.

  • the Fertility Caves & Great Mother-stone of Llundudno, the largest standing monolithic stone on the peninsula of Logies Rocks. 

  • Suikerbossie Cave & the Equinox Rocks of Hout Bay. 

  • Masiphulele, the oldest African Township, where we will meet true indigenous people, local musicians and a traditional healer.

On the 19th we embark on an epic Garden Route adventure ~ leaving early to take the famous 'Garden Route 62'  to Knysna where will be stay in wooden chalets amidst an ancient Milkwood forest, literally on the lagoon. There will be free time in the afternoon to relax, swim, ground, sun-worship, explore, canoe or paddleboard in the gorgeous waters of the lagoon. Dinner together will be followed by a starlight meditation & guidance session on the beach.
The 20th is the Equinox itself, and I have been guided to  travel on this day deep into the forests of Diepwalle Nature Reserve, stopping first at the King Edward VII Big Tree where my 2007 Pleiadian-Sirian activation took place. We will travel on to Spitzkop Hill in order to transmit a 5th dimensional wave of love out to the world. (The Star Councils of Light are gifting a special guided meditation for the world, in advance, so that all of our Light Tribe may join our energetic transmission on this special day, as we broadcast Unity Consciousness out to all sentient beings on Gaia.)
On the 21st we visit Coney Glen shaman's cave, a place of deep connection with the ancestors, to receive a Chamber of Light of Integration. Afternoon free time is followed by a group dinner & shopping opportunity at Knysna Quays. 
On the 22nd we visit an Elephant Rescue Park on the way to our luxurious private game reserve in Plettenburg Bay where for 2 nights we are literally living side-by-side with the amazing animals of the African plains. Envision professional safari guides, sunset meditations, and an exciting game safari in the bush!
Our final 4 nights back in Cape Town, 24 - 27th are in the awesome Monkey Valley Resort, backed by the power spot of Chapman's Peak mountain & overlooking the beautiful 5-kilometer stretch of Noordhoek Beach. 

The 25th takes us to the primal Root Chakra of Africa at the 'Cape of Good Hope', the South-Western point of the continent where we will stand in the waters at the meeting point of the Atlantic & Indian Oceans. Here we will meditate, receive guidance for our final days together, and share a yummy picnic. After lunch we will visit Boulders Beach to see the famous colony of African penguins who spontaneously arrived here in 1982.


The 26th is a free day where you can choose to go horse-riding; hiking on Chapman's Peak; swimming with seals or to visit Mandela's prison on Robben Island. Transport will be arranged by our hotel and you will not be alone - the group will decide together who wants to go where and when. You might also choose to have a guidance or healing session with Kahreela or Itzak ... or to simply relax on the beach or at the pool in our beautiful resort.


On the morning of the 27th we ascend via the famous cable car to the top of Table Mountain to experience the energies of the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra of the Cape Peninsula. We will walk into the portal of the Third Eye of the Table Mountain goddess where we will receive and transmit an activation. After lunch on top of the mountain we visit the amazing Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to relax, walk and have a cream tea.

As always on trips of this nature we will go with the flow and the guidance we receive day-by-day. There will of course  always be daily sessions in which we meditate, sun-gaze, share, receive guidance, heal & connect with Gaia. This journey is one which I am personally tremendously excited about - I get goosebumps every time I think of it! I thank all my brothers and sisters in the Light who will join me in advance ~ for the magical carpet ride through the bosom of Gaia that we will share together.
The Time Is Now!

16 - 28 March 2022


Starts and ends in Cape Town, South Africa



South African Residents may request to join one or more of these events: -

  1. Thurs 17th March ~ CAPE TOWN am: Glencairn 11.11 Solar Plexus Activation (low fitness: 20 min hike)

  2. Thurs 17th March ~ CAPE TOWN pm: Great Burial Cave & Crystalline Tunnel/ Cave of Ascension in Sun Valley ~ Heart Chakra Atunement (med fitness: 40 min to Burial Cave & 20 mins to Cave of Ascension) 

  3. Fri 18th March - CAPE TOWN
    am: Suikerbossie Cave & Equinox Rocks Hout Bay (med fitness)
    Fertility Caves & Great Mother-stone  Llundudno (easy walk) Gaia Portal Chakra Activation

  4. Sun 20th March ~ KNYSNA:
    am: EQUINOX ONE-HEART ACTIVATION Diepwalle Nature Reserve - King Edward VII Big Tree & Spitzkop Hill

  5. Fri 25th March ~ CAPE TOWN
    am: Cape Point Reserve - Root Chakra Activation

  6. Sun 27th March ~ CAPE TOWN
    am: Table Mountain  Crown Chakra/Third Eye Activation

It is highly advisable to arrive in Cape Town a day early if you need to adjust to the time zone and  recover from long flights.
There are also many fascinating places to explore aside from what is included in the agenda ~ so please arrive early or stay on a few days if you wish to explore the wine-route and many other wonders accessible from Cape Town. 

Sacred Gaia Journey





  • 12 night's accommodation (2 per room) in beautiful hotels/lodges in Cape town and along the Garden Route.

  • All internal transfers, tours & entrance fees in Cape Town and along the Garden Route. 

  • 2 full days with Dean Laprini, renowned Sacred Sites Expert and author.

  • 12 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners. 

  • Daily guidance, meditations/pranayama, galactic encodements, activations & group healing in the sacred sites of Cape Town & along the garden route.​​

  • International flights
    (Journey begins and ends in Cape Town.)

  • Transfers to and from Cape Town airport (we can connect participants who arrive at similar times.)

  • Some meals - the nature of our journey makes it difficult to plan group meals. We will go with the flow and follow the rhythm of the group's desires. In Knysna we are in self-catering chalets so will do a group grocery shop.


  • Activities which are described as 'optional' such as horse riding, Mandela's prison; Kirstenbosch Garden, seal snorkelling, etc

  • Tips where appropriate


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Solara An-Ra

Solara An-Ra, author of ‘Pleiadian Emissary to Gaia’, is a South African-born channel who works primarily with the Star Councils of Light, a collective of Star Beings who are assisting us through the ascension process that we are experiencing on Earth between 2011 and 2035. 

Solara  is your primary leader on this sacred journey ~ she will lead meditations, activations & guidance sessions throughout the trip. 



Itzak is a 'soothsayer' from Atlantis, bringing his skills as a channel, and supporting Solara in her mission to awaken the Light Tribe. He is available for individual channeled guidance sessions also.

katy-tucker (2).jpg

Kahreela Anhara

Kahreela Anhara is a Channel, Temple Alchemist Healer, and Portal Guardian. She runs courses, ceremonies and  Earth Work Travel Adventures in service to the Ascension of Gaia and the empowerment of Humanity.


She is also a multi-dimensional healer who is available for private sessions throughout 10 days, to assist in the integration of all you will experience

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Dean Laprini

Dean Laprini is the Sacred Site expert in South Africa ~ it is a gift to work with him! Dean will take us to ancient sites & to meet indigenous tribes during our stay in Cape Town.


50% Deposit ~11 Day Sacred Gaia Journey: 1,299.50 euros

Full Payment ~11 Day Sacred Gaia Journey: 2,599 euros

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